Could musk please put a front grille on the 3 already?

Could musk please put a front grille on the 3 already?

The model 3 is the most exciting car to drive with the most boring eggterior (pun intended). What the hell?

chadbobb | 26 aprile 2019

it looks great without a grill. Why would you want a grill on you car? Do you want a grill on your face?

lbowroom | 26 aprile 2019

Hal, I may have asked this already but what the hell? Your posts are so varied and erratic, have you had a stroke?

coleAK | 26 aprile 2019

The only thing a grill would do is increase the drag coefficient...

lbowroom | 26 aprile 2019

Put on a sticker, Nascar style

M3phan | 26 aprile 2019

What?!?! NO. It’s a very nice looking and dynamic exterior. And the grill-less look is what makes it stand out. Anyway, the air intake is sort of a grill along the bottom. But

TAC | 26 aprile 2019

The non grill and the nose of the car is the best part as it is! Its looks amazing!

TAC | 26 aprile 2019

The model 3 is the F-22 raptor of Teslas. The model S is the a-10 warthog.

calvin940 | 26 aprile 2019

good god no!

There is no point to a grill and many reasons to not have it. Let's not take steps backwards please.

M3phan | 26 aprile 2019

By the way, aren't you the chap who put an “interesting” extender on his sun visor because you thought the visor was too small and posted it on YT? If so, I’m not sure I can trust your design aesthetic. If not, then again to my previous comment above, no.

M3phan | 26 aprile 2019

PS; part of me thinks you enjoy pulling the fire alarm to watch us all run around. ; ) hahaha

-TheJohn- | 26 aprile 2019

Why on Earth would you want to destroy the aerodynamics? If you want a car with a grille then buy one..

Magic 8 Ball | 26 aprile 2019

You will never be able to compete with this grill so why bother?

Hal Fisher | 26 aprile 2019

Wow, all the ducks in one row.

lilbean | 26 aprile 2019

That would not be fun to clean.

Stinnett | 26 aprile 2019

I fully agree with TAC. A front grill on an F-22 Raptor? No. Just ... no.

Hal Fisher | 26 aprile 2019

I love the car but you have to admit it looks like a rubber ducky from the front.

Oh, I’ll up date the sunvisor video just to show you how brilliant it is, tomorrow.

Stinnett | 26 aprile 2019

I was so disconcerted by the idea of a front grill on my spacehip-on-wheels M3 that I forgot my signature tagline. Herewith ...

Life is good, but it's better in a Tesla.

Rickford | 26 aprile 2019

So Hal, you still want a grill? Are you sore from getting batted around a bit? (All in fun rho) :))

Rickford | 26 aprile 2019

So Hal, you still want a grill? Are you sore from getting batted around a bit? (All in fun rho) :))

Rickford | 26 aprile 2019

Oops double bump by mistake...sorry!

shadowsabre194 | 26 aprile 2019
slingshot18 | 26 aprile 2019

The front end is the best part of the car. A grill would ruin it.

RedShift | 26 aprile 2019

For the love of god, why. The front is cheekily Porsche-esque. It looks great as it is.

If you want a grill get some vinyl wrap stickers.

coleAK | 26 aprile 2019

@redshift. I fully agree it’s very Porsche like. Looks great the way it is.

GHammer | 26 aprile 2019


Hal Fisher | 26 aprile 2019

I’d like to add that way back musked ask for opions on the frontend, this style and an even dorkier version that was like the old ford probe. So be thankful I at least voted for this version. But I just saying the obvious. The next version better have at least a sporty grille or sales will just keep declining.

casun | 26 aprile 2019

the front looks great. hal is a fool.

NKYTA | 26 aprile 2019


zp | 27 aprile 2019


M3phan | 27 aprile 2019

Ok, now I know you’re pulling our collective chain.

joe.lynn.atp | 27 aprile 2019

It has a grill. Look below the bumper.

82bert | 27 aprile 2019

Hal enjoys creating chaos and dissension. This is par for the course. Yes, Hal. Everyone agrees with you, the 3 needs a grill, and a speedometer, and more buttons, and...

tew ms us | 27 aprile 2019

I've had my M3 since late July 2018. Two people have noticed the absence of a grill. One was a friend who knew the car was electric; the other was a barber who surmised my M3 must have a rear air-cooled engine.

jjgunn | 27 aprile 2019

Eff that. Reduce drag coefficient

apodbdrs | 27 aprile 2019

@Hal Fisher, I have one from an old Edsel I can sell you to put on your Model 3! Ha! Ha! Hal you do know what the real purpose of the grill on ICE cars was? It was not for looks!

jimglas | 27 aprile 2019

just put up some fuzzy dice

Rt002k | 27 aprile 2019

I think we should add a snorkel too.

No grill! I like the shark nose.

calvin940 | 27 aprile 2019
Daryl | 27 aprile 2019

This must be a troll post. Nobody sane would want to add a grill just for aesthetics. Next he will be asking for big fins on the back.

rob | 27 aprile 2019


Do they sell aftermarket tailpipes too? Now that would be awesome!

jimglas | 27 aprile 2019

I like fins

82bert | 27 aprile 2019

@Daryl. Meet Hal. Hal meet Daryl.

You’ll learn to abhor Hal.

lbowroom | 27 aprile 2019

I can't figure out Hal. Apart from the fact that his posts tend to demanding or ranting, the viewpoints are all over the place. Seems to be a pattern with people who use their full name as username.

howard | 27 aprile 2019

With Hal. Would have preferred the Model 3 front end to have been stylized similar to the Model S. The big front dish is the least attractive part of the car and does little to envoke a true sports sedan look.

TAC | 27 aprile 2019

Very clever to the OP if he knew this would turn into a hot topic here stirring everyones soup hahahhaha bravo bravo.

RedShift | 27 aprile 2019


“But I just saying the obvious.”

It’s obvious to the ricer-wannabes. Obviously.

Tesla-David | 27 aprile 2019

No front grill for me, I like the front look of our M3. Agree this must be a troll post, fishing for controversy.

miguelcampeau | 27 aprile 2019

Could musk please NOT put a front grille on the 3 already...its perfect as it is!

4barkie | 27 aprile 2019

She is beautiful the way she grill shaming please.