Car unlock M3

Car unlock M3

I accidentally left my phone in the car this morning. When I realized I went to car and was able too open car without car key. This is huge security hole. So if I leave car in the phone anyone an open the car. I did not try to drive but even if I can’t my things are open for grab. Anyone else experienced this.
What is best way to report this bug/ enhancement.

jjyst5 | 6 maggio 2019

Clearly the OP needs to be rebuked but I find the way in which a certain few are doing so unwelcoming and abrasive. There are better ways to address the OPs misunderstanding and to be fair many above are offering sound and reasonable perspective.

howard | 6 maggio 2019

@ 82bert If you’ve followed howard on here enough, you’d swear it’s GM’s forums. I’ve ”learned” more about the volt here than anywhere else.

I am so glad you have noticed and learned. I am sincerely hoping Tesla does the same. There are certainly aspects that lowly GM does better than Tesla.

ssmoorti | 6 maggio 2019

I have left the phone in the car for extended time, What I figured out that nobody can drive your car. You have to unlock the phone first to start the car. But yes anybody can enter the car. This is probably to avoid getting locked out.

lbowroom | 6 maggio 2019

Not saying with certainty that you're wrong.... but I can walk up to my car with the phone in my pocket, open the door, and drive without ever unlocking my phone.... why would it behave differently if you leave it there? Guess I have an experiment to perform.

lilbean | 6 maggio 2019

I never have to unlock the phone. I don't even have to have the app running.

aptwo | 6 maggio 2019

Having the car auto lock while the phone is in the car would be a lot more annoying. I don't know what OP is thinking.

lilbean | 6 maggio 2019

Do you want a notification on your phone? Hahaha!

gwolnik | 6 maggio 2019

There was a thread here a few months ago from a woman who was accidentally locked out while leaving her baby inside her model 3! Her phone was in her purse on the seat and she stepped out of the car and closed the door and heard it click, sure enough, it auto-locked with her purse, phone and baby inside! As I recall, she fought back hysteria and a passer-by let her use their phone to call her husband, who used the Tesla app on his phone to remote unlock. But the lesson I got out of the discussion was to not trust the locks! Perhaps this was fixed in a later software release, I hope so. But I always use the card key as a result. Is it time to finally pair my phone to the car?

ODWms | 7 maggio 2019

I have had the car lock while the phone was in the car twice, several months ago. Both times I had my card in my pocket as a backup anyway. A few days ago I left the phone in the car and nothing happened after I walked away, so maybe it’s no longer a problem?

don.lind | 7 maggio 2019

I think the important thing is that if you want to complain that it's not designed correctly, you need to have a clearly better design. This is what CharleyBC was getting at. Just how would you have the system behave? With the restriction that "walk away locking" and "walk up unlocking" are features that are incredibly useful and shouldn't be deimplemented.

I think OP is not thinking very clearly. I GUESS there could be an option to turn off the whole "phone unlocks and locks the car" feature... AHH... there IS such an option... unregister your phone as a key to the car... :-) And just use the Key Card. And hopefully you don't leave that in the car.

I have left my phone in the car a couple of times, but I figure it out pretty quickly. I do it because I sometimes charge my phone while driving and then I just forget to grab it when I get to my destination. It's easy to do (for me anyway). I do look back to watch for the mirrors fold and if I don't see that I go "Ah.... yeah.... my phone's in there..."

I also would like to see less name calling.

howard | 7 maggio 2019

Both my other vehicles beep when you open the driver's door, get out and close the driver's door with the key inside.

When the key is left inside the doors won't lock and it beeps. Granted the Tesla is different