"Orange" roof glass. Have you seen this?

"Orange" roof glass. Have you seen this?

During last month's snowstorm, we had the first opportunity to experience snow on our new Model 3. For some reason, the snow on the forward roof glass turns orange/red. But it doesn't actually change color. It's just picking up the color refracting through the glass (I assume). But the glass isn't that color either. It just appearswith the moisture. And it's only the forward roof. Strangest thing.

Can anyone explain this? I know it's not a problem. Just really curious what's going on.


neylus | 9 maggio 2019

Coating on front glass rejects the light-waves you are seeing refracted through the moisture. Will see it in rain as well. Some cars have the coating on the back glass as well. But most new ones don't.

markr7 | 9 maggio 2019

Guess who the new guy is?.......

lordmiller | 9 maggio 2019

LOL! You will see it in rain as well!

margretlenarz | 9 maggio 2019

Okay, excellent. I knew you guys would be able to explain it. Thanks!

P.S. Account is under MargretLenarz. But I'm David Levin, the husband. Thanks for the help!

bradbomb | 9 maggio 2019

Waiting for this thread to bring back the complaints of the rear glass not having the orange color anymore ;)

rxlawdude | 9 maggio 2019

@bradbomb, as most of the M3s now don't have the rear glass with the orange tint (when wet), I think the complaints will not be as frequent as you might think.

And our Dec '17 RWD LR, being under VIN 2000, has the glass roof orange phenomenon all the way from front to back.

wiscy67 | 9 maggio 2019

Since it's been rainy recently and Model 3s are everywhere I see combinations of red on top glass only (like my SR+), red on both top and back, and even no red on top or back.

rob | 9 maggio 2019

The design engineer is a Longhorn

Kary993 | 9 maggio 2019

With my 3M tinting all over the top glass and top rear it is really orange, mainly the top.

rcarrigg | 9 maggio 2019

I noticed this as well.. really cool!

CharleyBC | 9 maggio 2019

Yep, ours is colorful on both the top and rear glass. A highlight every time I wash the car!

What I found interesting in OP's photos is that only part of the top glass is showing the color--the rest looks plain. But I think I realized why. It needs LIQUID water to get the psychedelic effect. The snow only melted where the warmth of the interior penetrated the glass, which means not where the glass is on top of some structure.

derotam | 9 maggio 2019

Ohh my gosh, why haven't we noticed this before now! Haha. Welcome new guy or gal!

RES IPSA | 9 maggio 2019

Why does my rear glass not have the orange color? Is my car defective? Are passengers in the back getting skin cancer?

RES IPSA | 9 maggio 2019

Can I sue Tesla?

Bighorn | 9 maggio 2019

Carl in 3...2...

RES IPSA | 9 maggio 2019

I am feeling a little sarcastic today...

jamilworm | 9 maggio 2019

I like it, it kinda matches my car.

2015P90DI | 9 maggio 2019

They're all like that. Every time it gets moist or wet (rain, car wash, dew, etc), it turns orangish. I hate it. Distracting from the car. People ask about the roof instead of the overall looks of the car. Kind of sad when a silly roof glass dominates the conversation about the car instead of the car itself.

lbowroom | 9 maggio 2019

2015, is that the last year you had a happy thought?

TickTock | 9 maggio 2019

rdavis said "Here ya go..."

I love articles like this. "Why the glass roof on the tesla model 3 sometimes looks orange: because they put something in the glass that makes it look orange" Brilliant. - looks like Vsauce has some competition.

AWDTesla | 10 maggio 2019

Wow, decent, non trolling replies. good job guys, hope for this place after all. Amazing what happens when we act like adults.

kevin_rf | 10 maggio 2019

Adults? What adults?

TickTock | 10 maggio 2019

+1 AWDTesla

M3phan | 10 maggio 2019

Wait, I have a glass roof??
In seriousness, I often “forget” I have a gorgeous glass roof and have to remind myself to stop and look up and take in the great view. Love the roof!!!!!!!

ODWms | 10 maggio 2019

Same here. I recently got the whole car tinted including the back glass and windshield. I used 30% on all the glass except the windshield, which is 70%. The back glass clarity is still good, even with the tint, and the sky can can still be enjoyed. Overall beautiful results, and didn’t take away anything.

PhillyGal | 10 maggio 2019

Welcome, "the husband."

Please let us know when (not if) you become a 2 Tesla household. Shouldn't take long ;)

Mr. Spacely | 10 maggio 2019

By the way, they are producing the orange / rainbow glass again. My March 2019 build has it all the way down the back glass, not just the front sunroof piece...

ncancilla81 | 10 maggio 2019

I do like my “old” model 3 after it rains compared to the new one.

So purdy

2015P90DI | 11 maggio 2019

@lbowroom, so very sorry. I meant to say "I so absolutely love it to the deepest portion of my soul". The orange roof on my all black car is just such a beautiful thing, like having the sun shining brightly upon me. It's Tesla's way of making the car unique, so I know that just means its the most wonderful thing in the world that there could possibly be!!. Sunshine and roses, so beautiful."

Is that better for you?

2015P90DI | 11 maggio 2019

Ugh, now I have to go throw up, just after writing that!! LOL. Need to take a wash cloth to my nose to get all of Elon's crap off it as well.!! Read this site enough and I'm convinced that Elon never once has to wipe his own ass. Many people here do a wonderful job of making sure it's clean for him with all the brown nosing!! LOL. It's a joke people. relax!

Kary993 | 11 maggio 2019

Well sorry you feel that way about interesting colors, for a poster that is really uninteresting!

mtapes | 11 maggio 2019

You said: "Need to take a wash cloth to my nose to get all of Elon's crap off it as well.!! "

I suggest a Micro Fiber cloth. Please do it right! :)

hcdavis3 | 11 maggio 2019

My 3 is a July 2018 build. I have the glorious full orange when wet roof and back glass. I think that a couple of months prior to July and after that Tesla installed the IR glass. They changed glass vendors at that time and it looks like they’ve gone back to that vendor.

lbowroom | 11 maggio 2019

2015, you have a knack for creating something out of nothing.

Dino_Pinoy | 11 maggio 2019

@Margretlenarz, I did a video about 3 mos ago on the same specific orange tint on my M3 during the rain in SoCal. All my rear and top are wrongs but the others are only the top.
Weird how they would do all my rear and others are just the top.

rxlawdude | 11 maggio 2019

Sounds like another maroon about to be added to the twit filter.

mrconana | 3 luglio 2019

Bummer! I had a orange glass on the roof and back glass. The back developed a crack and Tesla replaced it. But the new back is black tint. I loved the orange but wanted it to match. Tesla agreed to swap the roof as well, but the replacement is orange. Now they are saying there isn’t a part number for orange vs black so there isn’t a way to match color This thread is showing factory configurations with orange roof and black back. That’s the problem with spec updates on the fly vs model years, I guess.

At least I had a loaner Model S with ludicrous!! Holy crap

TeslaTingles | 4 settembre 2019

Does anyone have any advice on how to get the orange color continued onto the back to match the roof glass? I have a March 2019 model and would like to have it all look that beautiful rainbow color (especially since it always rains here in Seattle). Any special kind of tinting I can seek out?

mknewman | 5 settembre 2019

My back window did not have the IR tint. I had it replaced after some hail and asked specificly for the new one to have the tint (had seen some with it. New one did have it! Looks much better, more consistent, and I think it makes a small difference in the temperature in the back. I do have the mesh top and back screens though.

rxlawdude | 11 settembre 2019