Seeking 18" chrome wheels option

Seeking 18" chrome wheels option

Has anyone found any chrome 18x8.5 wheels to replace my 18" wheels on my new Base M3?

Does anyone know how much he stock 18" wheels weigh? One Tesla mechanic said 32lbs, another said 20lbs.

Has anyone replaced their wheels with 18x9? If so, was there any wheel rub when max turning or otherwise?

I've looked through only and didn't find any chrome wheels in the 18x8.5 size.

Finally, can anyone recommend the best place to sell my stock wheels (or wheel+tire) other than eBay?

Kahn | 14 maggio 2019

i used tthese wheels for winter tires.. light no issues.. see the followingpost for everything i bouht

eztider | 14 maggio 2019

Where are you located? I'm rocking chrome wheels in the L.A. area.

Magic 8 Ball | 14 maggio 2019


lbowroom | 14 maggio 2019

Bay Area Riders Forum? That's for motorcycles.

Jtwo | 14 maggio 2019

Chrome wheels? You should visit the Corvette forum for advice on that.