Radar Detector

Radar Detector

It's a real first-world problem, but I am unable to plug in my radar detector with my center console organizer tray in place. Has anyone come up with a creative solution for this?

landoncube | 13 maggio 2019

What brand? My ValentineOne plug plus Bluetooth adapter is huge and it fits.

jordanrichard | 13 maggio 2019

Radar detector!!!? They have to catch you first, to give you a ticket.......... :-)

johnston.cheng | 13 maggio 2019

I use something like this, which allows you to not only have an extra 12V cigarette adapter plug, but also lets you put the bulky plugs in the storage area below.

fazman | 13 maggio 2019

hard wire it?

johnston.cheng | 14 maggio 2019

Hard-wiring is not recommended per Tesla Service.