Having problems posting...

CharleyBC | 14 maggio 2019

It didn't work. ;-)

EVRider | 14 maggio 2019

I'm grading you a C+. Try to do better next time. :-)

dsvick | 14 maggio 2019

Crap, I didn't study for a test...

Joshan | 14 maggio 2019


Jtwo | 14 maggio 2019

Your ability to post seems ok. Your content could use some improvement.

tm4000m | 14 maggio 2019

I stayed up all night studying for my urine test... | 14 maggio 2019

@tm4000m - That's one test I don't want to grade :)

peldor427 | 14 maggio 2019

Figures my test post would get more replies than my real post! :P I think my post that kept failing had two many paragraphs or blank lines in it.

whisky7 | 14 maggio 2019


tm4000m | 14 maggio 2019

Test... test, test, you're testing' my love for you.
Check, check, you're checkin' to see if I'm true.
Test one, test two, test three, test four!
You test me like the water in El Salvador!

Magic 8 Ball | 14 maggio 2019

Is that you Timothy did you make it back from the other side?

lordmiller | 14 maggio 2019

Don't post a thread with 9 paragraphs!!

cmh95628 | 14 maggio 2019

We have random drug tests at my work. No where near as fun as it sounds. So far, I have not been able to test out *ANY* drugs! They just make me pee in a cup...

Bighorn | 14 maggio 2019

Feels more like a pop quiz