PA tax incentive - finally got my check

PA tax incentive - finally got my check

The Pennsylvania tax incentive for the Model 3 is $1750 for 2019. Their website downplays your chances of successfully getting the money.

They say the funding is very limited and when it’s all given out then they simply stop honoring the incentive applications. I assumed that when I applied in March 2019 that the funding for 2019 would have been depleted.

I am happy to report that I just got my PA check in the mail for the full $1750. I understand that this $1750 will need to be reported as income so it is taxable. Go figure.

Personally I like the way New Jersey handles the state tax incentive. They simply forgive the sales tax at time of delivery.

No matter what, I am grateful for the tax incentive. Without it, I would not have been able to justify purchasing the M3.