leather rejuvenation

leather rejuvenation


I have the beige leather seats on my Tesla-S. I am seeing blackish stains on the leather, which I assume is from my belts or other artifacts. is there a specific brand of cleaner or dye that you would recommend that can bring back the actual color of the seats ?


kcheng | 15 maggio 2019

If it's leather, the go-to brand is Lexol. If you shop the conditioner aisle, lots of leather condition/cleaner bottles will ape the appearance of the Lexol bottle. I don't know if that's because Lexol makes the "branded" leather conditioner for others, or whether they're just copying the bottle color and shape.

jordanrichard | 15 maggio 2019

Don't waste your time and money on leather specific products for your seats. The leather in your car like just about every other car is sealed with a coating and leather cleaner/conditioners will do no good. Notice that there is no leather smell.....? That's because it is sealed. Grab yourself some basic household cleaner like Fantastic, and a soft bristle too brush and go to town.

Now as kcheng eluded to, you may not have actual leather anyways. Which year is your car?

srisitar | 15 maggio 2019

mine is a late 2016 Telsa S P90D