Model S/X Price drop 5/21/19

Model S/X Price drop 5/21/19

Like the dozen or so people in this forum who have recently posted I recently ordered a new refreshed Model S. I ordered 5/2/19 for the Long Range. Today the price of the Standard and Long Range dropped by $3000 (and I think the FSD went up a bit, not sure). My question is considering I've not received a VIN# yet on my car is it appropriate to ask Tesla for the $3000 difference?

Boonedocks | 21 maggio 2019

The price change showed up automatically under the My Tesla site.

ALSET | 21 maggio 2019

The FSD also shows as $6000 with no after delivery update anymore. Just to clarify, the FSD hardware is on every car and paying the "FSD fee" is simply a software unlock right?

@Boonedocks - when you say the price showed automatically on your My Tesla site, do you mean for your invoice?

richard_lawson | 21 maggio 2019

The price did not update for me.

heartbeat | 21 maggio 2019

I also ordered on May 2nd and just got back from my Tesla showroom. Tesla will reduce my invoice by $2,000 ($3,000 price reduction + $1,000 increase in FSD). Plus I will not lose my place in line. Great.

heartbeat | 21 maggio 2019

The $3,000 price reduction is on the Tesla site for placing orders.

ALSET | 21 maggio 2019

@heartbeat - Thanks for the update. I emailed my Sales Specialist so will wait to see if he knocks off the $3k. It would be very useful as I live in WA state and the registration fees now are based on MSRP value of the car. So knocking $3k off the MSRP will lower my annual registration payments aside from the reduction in taxes.

Boonedocks | 21 maggio 2019

@Alset the “My Tesla” site has my base car as $75k now. Before this morning it was $78k. I didn’t ask anyone to change it. When you expand the “Total” under payment method

richard_lawson | 21 maggio 2019

Now mine is also $2000 less. $3000 Less base price and $1000 more for FSD. | 21 maggio 2019

Crazy that if you order today (very tempting, anyone want to buy my 2014 P85DL?) is still says May delivery. Free Ludicrous, 5000 extra supercharging miles, ….

carlk | 21 maggio 2019

I'm very tempted too. Would have jumped in if not waiting for the Roadster. It's a huge upgrade from my pre-AP 14' P85+.

fazman | 21 maggio 2019

I also noticed that they are now including FUSC for all new 2019 tesla Model S/X which are in inventory. So if you want to take a quick delivery you can get a better deal with FUSC (Free Unlimited Supercharging).

ALSET | 21 maggio 2019

In my opinion the new hardware (new front motor, increased range, new air suspension) is worth more than the Supercharging. But I suppose that depends on how much one drives.

@Boone, richard_lawson - I think I'm just unlucky because my invoice has not updated. I also did not take FSD though, was going to upgrade later when Tesla delivers on it's potential but now I don't see an upgrade later price point either.

heartbeat | 21 maggio 2019

Your invoice will not update right away. Contact your rep and ask for the price reduction.

ALSET | 22 maggio 2019

@heartbeat - Yep I've tried calling and emailing my rep. No reply from either. And now I got a text saying car delivery is tentatively set for tomorrow, no VIN# ever given to me so loan check isn't cut. Even if I change my mind and buy this car cash it I wouldn't be able to move the money from my online account to my brick and mortar bank by tomorrow for the check. Oh well, guess the wait goes on a bit longer.

Hart | 22 maggio 2019

@ALSET - Did you get the 3K price reduction?

cassiea | 22 maggio 2019

I ordered a model S, hoping to be delivered next week and already paid for. I called today and they put in a request to get the $3000 and the supercharging. We'll see what happens!

Boonedocks | 22 maggio 2019

@cassiea those are two different promotions. Free SC is for inventory cars. The $3k discount is for new custom orders

EVRider | 22 maggio 2019

@Boonedocks: Even though the promotions are separate, isn't the reduced price for any new car, inventory or otherwise? The free supercharging wouldn't be much of an incentive if you had to pay #3,000 more for the car (an outdated one at that).

EVRider | 22 maggio 2019

@Boonedocks: I read the article earlier, but it doesn’t say the new lower prices don’t apply to inventory cars. I don’t know if they do or not, but like I said before, who would pay more for an inventory car that wasn’t as good as a custom order, even with free supercharging?

Boonedocks | 22 maggio 2019

First sentence from the article

“Tesla significantly reduced the base price today of its newly upgraded Model S and Model X vehicles that launched just a month ago.”

dougk71 | 22 maggio 2019

It is true dealers selling ICE cars can adjust prices per customer. Tesla with the on line model should be very careful when changing prices. The randomness seen at ICE dealerships is hidden since many buyers feel they got the great deal and what others payed is hidden. Tesla's price changes are very visible and can and do look random. If they coincide with a stock price drop they even look desperate.
Please Tesla retire the random price generator you are using since it is creating price insecurity with new buyers.

EVRider | 22 maggio 2019

Saw that, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they reduced the prices on ONLY those models. I think Electrek’s point was that it was surprising to lower prices a month after introducing those models. I guess time will tell.

Boonedocks | 22 maggio 2019

Usually I am one of those that buys a Tesla and a week later the prices fall and newer tech comes out...and all I can do is say OUCH... Looks like I may have hit the perfect storm in MY favor on #4. Time will tell LOL

ALSET | 22 maggio 2019

@HART - I just checked and yep they knocked $3000 off my price, the tax adjusted accordingly :D I still haven't heard a chirp out of any humans, I wonder if my Rep is in fact reading my emails and listening to my voicemails because now a VIN# is showing up on my account. The $3000 price adjustment is showing up. The Scheduled Delivery is still for tomorrow. I still wish they communicated the process better, I won't have my loan check cut in time to go pick up the car tomorrow nor will I be able to move the cash to buy the car outright tomorrow. Anyways, to all the people that are still waiting it should be soon, took me 3 weeks from time of order.

jbdvm1988 | 22 maggio 2019

I’ve been watching an inventory S with a 12k discount from new. Found out it’s had fender damage in the parking lot. So much for that. What seems weird is some on the new inventory cars are more expensive than an identical custom build except there’s no FUSC

2015P90DI | 22 maggio 2019

Just another clear sign that the S and X (especially the S) are in desperate need of a refresh. They're basically selling the same car that was designed over 10 years ago. Electric Vehicles still make up only a small fraction of the market. Thanks to Tesla for drastically increasing that percentage share, but there are still only so many willing to make the jump and it appears that Tesla has exhausted all of its customer base to pull from. While range is nice, 300 miles of range is more than enough for most people, especially with the Supercharger network. So, clearly the recent added range wasn't earth moving as were many updates in the past that made many existing owners upgrade. Unfortunately, there hasn't been anything significant since 2016 when AP came available.

With competitors coming to market in the same price range, Tesla needs to step up its game to stay competitive. Tesla has always been compared to "luxury" brands, but its never been a "luxury" car. It was compared only because it was similar in pricing and a "premium" car. But, it's a technology car with a minimalist approach. While many love it, I think most in this price range are going to consider alternatives that offer far more luxury for similar pricing. Many Tesla owners came from those luxury brands.

I personally miss the "luxury" I had in previous cars, but they were worth the sacrifice to get all that Tesla is. Now, with other premium EV's coming fast, that will actually offer that luxury factor Tesla's lack, i think many are waiting. Yes, they have less range, but again, most don't need more than 200 miles for daily driving. That combined with most people that wanted a Tesla already having bought one, the current car isn't much different and there's no game changing features that a 2019 has over a late 2016 model. If AP isn't important to you, then a 2012 is almost as appealing as a new one, if not more appealing due to the significant price discount for a 2012.

I myself have owned 4 Model S's. We still have two of them in the company, but the lease on my personal car ended and I couldn't bring myself to buy a fifth Model S, being that it felt the same as my 2013. The Model 3 was a much better bargain with superior tech. Tesla Tech is the reason I sacrificed luxury from cars I was previously accustomed to. The Model 3 checks most of those boxes. All I've been waiting for is an update to make the Model S feel "NEW" to me over the previous 4 I've already owned. Assuming it's combining soon. The only question is, how big of an update will it be.

They've been very successful in the past of getting people to trade in their cars for minor updates, but the new wheel bearings and other minor changes in the last "update" clearly weren't anything significant enough to warrant dropping another $100K on a new one. The Tesla styling is "nice", but does feel dated, both inside and out. The mechanics of the car are great. But it needs some new body panels for a fresh look. The interior needs to be improved. Interior looks exactly as it did in 2012. And most importantly, the tech of the Model S needs to be brought at least to the same level of the Model 3. The Model 3's interface is notably superior. Not good when trying to sell people on the S being twice the cost.

I love this company and their cars, as proven by having purchased 10 of them (including 6 Model 3's). Have a lot invested in terms of cars and stocks. So am hoping the next release of an "update" to the S & X is significant enough to be a game changer and get Tesla back to a "must have" status again. I miss the Model S and can't wait to get out of the Model 3 and back to a full size car again. I thought it would have come sooner than now, but holding out hope that it comes very soon.

cassiea | 22 maggio 2019

@Boonedocks and @EVRider talked to Tesla. The 3K is NOT for inventory. My car is inventory so did not qualify. However, inventory cars (at least mine) already had a chunk of change knocked off. Still waiting on the final say for the supercharging at least.

bp | 23 maggio 2019

For previous owners, the S/X may feel dated - because there haven't been any major changes to the interior since moth models were introduced.

But for new Tesla customers - the S/X interior is still a huge change from the ICE they are driving today - with the large touchscreens, lack of physical control and relatively minimalist design (compared to ICEs).

Tesla was likely going to reduce prices around the end of the quarter so that vehicles delivered in the US after July 1 would have a lower price to make up for the loss of another $1875 of the US EV tax credit.

Once the backlog for Model 3's eased, it was inevitable there would be an impact on S/X sales. What was surprising last year was how Tesla was able to maintain S/X sales for so long as they ramped up 3 sales.

The major interior refresh will likely happen when Tesla is close to getting FSD approved for use. This will reduce the need for driver support (remove dashboard display, removable or collapsible steering wheel, …) and shift to increased support for using the vehicle for ride sharing and to provide more features for the passengers (which could include items such as upgraded entertainment system, WiFi, rotating/upgraded seating, workspaces, …).

With Tesla's emphasis on achieving FSD, we shouldn't be surprised if that will drive when we see a major S/X refresh.

smithst | 23 maggio 2019

Ordered PDL on 4/29. Still no VIN, but did get a confirmation on the $2K price drop.

I may be in the minority, but I wanted to purchase now before the rumored M3-ish interior refresh. I have a 2013 P85 and still like the interior... in fact, I prefer the open floor instead of the console and wish I could order the new one with out it. So at least for me, the "desperate need for a refresh" is maybe a bit overstated. But like I said, I may be in the minority on all matters related to style!

ALSET | 23 maggio 2019

@bp + 2015 - pretty much this was my thought process going in. I'm coming from an ICE car and the S to me still looks great with performance to match. I test drove the car in 2012 and put down the $5000 deposit back then, however I walked away because I didn't have a garage and all the rationalizing in my head about treating it like a ICE car where I would charge up and then let the car sit the rest of the time didn't pan out with me. What I really wish was I bought stock with that $100,000 back then because then I'd be typing this from my remote island somewhere.

Fast forward to 2019, for less than the original P85 for the Long Range the car is night and day for a first time owner like me. 370m range vs 280m. 3.7s zero to sixty vs 4.2s on the original P. Parking sensors, autopilot, the list goes on and on. So for all the people that have owned multiple S cars I can see why there is a thirst for a big refresh, but for us first time buyers the car is still pretty alluring.

There's also a lot of argument that the smarter purchase is the 3 with the new battery packs and how it's the favored son while the S is now the ugly stepchild, 3 gets updates sooner than S, 3 gets all the attention, 3s have also flooded the service centers so quality of service for S owners from reports is all "getting worse". For me though it came down to 3 factors which made me stick with S: I want the conventional dash with the instrument cluster, I like a cushier ride versus the sporty suspension, and I think the S looks much better than the 3 especially from the front.

MJP.75D | 23 maggio 2019

^^^and it has much better (more) storage — very important for our family. Both are great cars but clearly designed for different circumstances.

Tropopause | 23 maggio 2019

Just saw a truck full of the new Tesla model S performance models. On the back it says Dual Motor with an underline.

chungylau | 23 maggio 2019

@cassiea, did they give you free supercharging? Is the car delivered already?