Ordering a new (refreshed) model X following Tesla’s proposal

Ordering a new (refreshed) model X following Tesla’s proposal

I have a 2016 90D with 14K miles. I responded to Tesla’s “offer” to trade it in for a newly refreshed Model X with the $20K value for the P version included at no cost. In spite of a very poor trade in value I accepted and placed the order n April 25. Got the “R” reservation number, awaiting for delivery schedule. Since then no information! No feedback in the website “my account”. checked several times with the sales management here in Miami, they cannot get any information either! I sent two emails via the “contact us” option of the website with absolutely no response. Musk wants to cut costs and reduce/eliminate the sales offices leaving everything online, but from what I see their online system is at best mediocre, with poor interactivity with the customer. Is my experience unique? Does anybody have some suggestions?

Boonedocks | 22 maggio 2019

In a very similar boat with nothing but crickets out of Tesla but I do want to correct something you referred to. The $20k "free" for previous owners was for the Ludicrous upgrade. You must pay the $21k upgrade to get the Performance version to then be eligible for the Free Ludicrous upgrade.

Uncle Paul | 22 maggio 2019

Not unusual for Tesla to go "Radio Silent" until they have firm delivery information for the customer. They do not do idle chit chat when they have nothing to add.

bradpitzel | 22 maggio 2019

Ordered a MX 4/27 and radio silence from Tesla until yesterday (~3.5 wks from order), when I received a call that the car had entered production. Not sure whether to believe it -- i.e. did it actually entered production, or it's a trick to calm down those of us who keep pinging Tesla staff for info?

Given there are people out there who waited 2 yrs for their M3, I can't complain THAT much.... :)

fabio | 22 maggio 2019

I have the EXACT same problem. Ordered a Model X Performance in Miami right after the free Ludicrous announcement. In my case I am upgrading from a 2015 model S, which also had a terrible trade-in offer, and I didn't even know about the free Ludicrous when I ordered.

In my case I had planned to take delivery in Freemont and drive to Miami as a summer trip with kids, and they were SUPER EXCITED about it until I had to break the news that Tesla doesn't even tell me when the car will be ready, despite the salesperson telling me to order that very same day on May 4th to be able to get it by end of May when we have time for the trip. I ordered immediately just to 'make it', otherwise would have waited until after the summer.

Now wife and kids are very frustrated with Tesla and our trip had to be cancelled. Still have a R number, no VIN, and NO WORD of delivery date. To make it worse, I'll be out of country for the rest os summer and Tesla says despite whose fault the delay is, if I am not here to take delivery on a 7-day notice, they cancel my order and I have to re-order.

Insane!! Why doesn't Tesla share the information with clients? I am SIRE they know exactly when my car will enter production and be delivered. Why hide? No info is much worse..

I am a Tesla fan, own a MS and a M3, have referred over 10 people but Tesla is managing to kill my enthusiasm by sheer lack of communication. It's insane!

cossserban | 22 maggio 2019

Thanks for all your comments. What this proves is that, in spite of being so advanced in EV technology and manufacturing, their selling behavior is poor. They need customers, especially the loyal ones, the early adopters like all of us. And the main interaction with us is, AT THEIR CHOICE, their website, personalized for each owner. But the level of interactivity of this site is very poor! In the end, they will lose customers, starting with the ones (like us) who were (maybe still are) enthusiastic about their cars. | 25 maggio 2019

For those trading it, if you don't like the Tesla trade in price (which is often low, just like a dealer), sell it on the private market. You'll often make a few $K more, but it is a bit of a hassle. Also check out some of the car buying services like CarMax to see if they offer more. Doesn't really take much work.

There were reports that all S/X deliveries were on hold due to waiting for EPA final certification on the new longer ranges. It appears that is out Tesla's control. Perhaps they jumped the gun announcing the new longer range, but it may be resolved now. Doubt it is anything to worry about, but it could be why there has been little communication - they don't know when the government will grant the approvals.

@fabio - DO NOT PICK YOUR CAR UP AT FREMONT! As an out of state buyer with pickup in California, Tesla will have to charge you 9% sales tax, which is not refundable. It's not Tesla's fault, but just the stupid way CA operates. We tried to get the law changed, but no luck so far.

While I expect 99% of cars are delivered as expected, I would never plan a trip around it. What happens if the delivery date changes? What if it is delivery on time, but you find some fault? Tesla is great about fixing an issue, but it could require a day or two in the shop, screwing up your trip. While a fun idea to do a trip with the car pickup, I really think it's not a good idea. | 25 maggio 2019

One other note - Tesla is required to charge you the delivery fee ~$1200, even if you pick up the car at the factory (I've done factory pickups twice myself). Seems like a total scam, but the other automakers forced a law that says the delivery fee must be standard across the USA, and applies to every sale - even a factory pickup. It sucks for those of us locals, but is great for those that get delivery far from the factory.

Hoozy | 29 maggio 2019

With Elon's recent announcement regarding the restructuring of the Fremont plant.. with MS and MX combined service lines, reduction in that 3rd shift etc.. it could be safe to say that's why we're experiencing long waits for VIN? I placed an order for my 1st Tesla MX 2.5wks ago. Growing pains are difficult, and while this isn't their first rodeo they're still very new at perfecting their ever-changing processes.

Or, am I way off?

Side comment.. I really appreciate threads like this. It allows me to have insight so I don't feel "alone" in an experience. Having been laser focused at achieving this for 8 years.. I'm excited, and patient. So, thank you for the knowledge!

-hooz | 29 maggio 2019

@Hoozy - Where is your car being delivered? Usually fairly quick now at Fremont - not so quick in Europe or Asia due to transport time. S/X are already on the same line. As 3 production continues to accelerate with production efficiencies, they appear to be hitting the 900/1000 per day range many days and may not need the expensive 3rd shift to build enough cars. Keep in mind, the lines have to be shut down for maintenance and improvements periodically, so running a 3rd shift makes doing this work tough.

Hoozy | 29 maggio 2019 - That makes sense! I'm in US / Oklahoma. I haven't communicated with the adviser yet to schedule delivery but have opted for a pickup in Dallas or local Delivery if necessary. Still waiting on that fancy VIN.