2015 Model S 70 Warranty

2015 Model S 70 Warranty

Do warranty gets voided if you get the new facelift on a certified used 2015 Model S 70?

jordanrichard | 27 maggio 2019

Huh? Do you mean does the warranty get voided if you swap out bumper covers?

Well, it being 2019 and the car being a 2015, I would suspect that the 4yr/50,000 has passed or soon to pass, so there would be no warranty to “void”. Bumper covers (facia) have no affect on the battery/DU warranty. | 28 maggio 2019

@jordanrichard - Sounds like he may have bought the used car from Tesla, which usually comes with an additional warranty. I agree - no concern over warranty on the rest of the car other than the new bumper may not be warranted. Might void the warranty on the front ultrasonic sensors that are mounted in the bumper, if not installed properly.

supersuperten | 28 maggio 2019 Correct if someone buys a certified used 2015 Tesla Model S. Good to know regarding the sensors and such. Thanks!