Seat in a model three

Seat in a model three

We are having some discoloration in our seats. It as is the are getting wet but they have not been exposed to water ( but they haven’t). Has anyone else experienced this problem. | 16 giugno 2019

What color seats, and what color is the discoloration? Have you tried cleaning it? They are a synthetic leather product and should be very durable and very hard to truly stain.

Keburke | 16 giugno 2019

They are black and the discoloration is like the are wet ( a different, wetter looking shade of black). Yes, we have cleaned and but a protectant on them about a month ago. This just occurred this weekend.

rovlb | 16 giugno 2019

Maybe it is because of a problem that affects the quality of the product, so it just happens that you should ask the expert in this field, they will give you the most accurate answer.

lilbean | 16 giugno 2019

It sounds like the protectant created shine on the seats. Which protectant did you use?