Autopilot, Basic, Aiming into left turn lane

Autopilot, Basic, Aiming into left turn lane

I'm driving an M3 on 16.2, but also had this happen on the last version.

Both times this happened, I was driving at about 50 mph on Autopilot, daytime, good lane and road conditions, when the car suddenly went left into a left turn lane. I always keep "pay attention and have hands on the wheel" thank goodness! This motion would have put me into a head-on with traffic both times.

Since this happened, I've watched closely, trying to determine what was different about the road configuration that caused the problem, since there are often left turn lanes on the roads I drive. I haven't figured out what caused it in these 2 situations.

I still use Autopilot, and really appreciate it, but I'm wary.

Have others experienced this? Should I have done a "bug report" or are motions take pull-out of Autopilot noted in some way by Tesla technicians?

SpeedyEV | 19 giugno 2019

Sounds like this was on a city street?

The user manual states "Autosteer is intended for use only on highways and limited-access roads ..."......"Do not use Autosteer on city streets, in construction zones, or in areas where bicyclists or pedestrians may be present.".

FISHEV | 19 giugno 2019

"I was driving at about 50 mph on Autopilot, daytime, good lane and road conditions, when the car suddenly went left into a left turn lane."

That's dangerous especially on a good road and good conditions as you note. Next time it does it, I'd note the time and date and then go the Service Center as soon as possible and see if they can look at recent records and diagnose it.

VolleyballNE1 | 19 giugno 2019

left turn lane? the software in not ready for those situations yet. Use autopilot in those areas for your own education. There is no bug report to file since it's not meant to perform at it's best there yet.

New2teslaincanada | 19 giugno 2019

I’m glad someone brought this up. Same situation as well. Driving on this 80KM/H road, nice day, and suddenly the car decides to go into the left turning lane. No idea why but since it’s a road I take often, I’ve adapted to turn off autopilot until I’m out of said lane, or move over to the right lane so it doesn’t go into the left. Some may call this a “Highway”, as it’s recognized in Ontario but some may call it a regional road with a posted 80KM/H

surfpearl | 19 giugno 2019

Yes, it happened to me several times, on two recent software versions. Like you, I was paying attention and took over safely, no big deal for me. Don't be wary of AP, just supervise it closely and learn its limitations as it's still in Beta and not optimized for the city street use yet. The Tesla AP team does indeed analyze such situations where the AP gets disengaged by the driver even when there is no bug report filed.