Battery drain over 40 days

Battery drain over 40 days

I've been traveling and sadly not been driving my M3 for 40 days. However, I've been closely monitoring my battery drain remotely. Here are the conditions and results:

-Parked in a garage so no great temperature swings
-Plugged it to the charger so when it gets very low, I'll charge it
-M3 LR rear wheel drive
-Running version 20.2.5
-Monitor remotely about every 3 days

-Battery started at 276 miles of range
-Battery at 178 miles of range after 40 days
-98 miles/40 days=
2.45 miles of range loss per day

gballant4570 | 23 giugno 2019

Where was your charge limit set? I am guessing it was low, so no charging was initiated. 2.45 seems perhaps just a touch high - I have never done what you describe, but in my ~9 months of ownership I see between 1-2 miles "vampire drain" in 24 hours. I don't normally check the status when its just sitting, but its plugged with the charge limit at 90%. The battery won't usually go down enough for a charge to initiate in 24-48 hours, and I may have only seen 48 hours of it sitting plugged in perhaps once.

Since your car did not initiate charging, I would say what you describe is not abnormal. However, the recommendation from Tesla would be to not only plug it in while being away for that length of time, but to set the charge limit at a point where the battery will charge periodically.

Slonkis | 23 giugno 2019

The additional drain may have to do with the car waking up every time you connect to check the SOC.

tigerkc | 23 giugno 2019

Thank you for your observation, 2.45 miles / day is better than I expect.

My experience had been that it recharge very frequently once its limit had been reached and the charger is plugged in. I had observed many small duration charges, about once every 2 hours. This is different than the model S which seems to have a bigger delta setting before recharge again.

ab-tesla | 23 giugno 2019

Same conditions and type of M3. I lost 83 miles in 28 days, never checked it and left it unplugged the whole time. Too bad there isn’t a hyper sleep mode. My M3 did have an update waiting when I returned.

rwgallah | 23 giugno 2019

Additional, I remotely did two software updates.

Bighorn | 23 giugno 2019

I lose about 1/2% per day which is fairly close.

rwgallah | 24 giugno 2019

@bighorn- the amount of your battery drain isn't linear? My monitoring has shown that the daily loss hasn't changed much over the 40 days.

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 24 giugno 2019

With my LR RWD parked in my driveway, unplugged, sentry on, I'll lose about 10 miles of range overnight.
That seems like a lot to me.

rwgallah | 24 giugno 2019

@craig-i don't have sentry turned on. That's another test I can run. Will turn on sentry and report back in a few days.

gmr6415 | 24 giugno 2019

@CRAIGJFIFTY3, sentry mode alone uses about a mile per hour.

Bighorn | 24 giugno 2019

Yes it’s linear. SOC drops 1/2% per day or approximately 2.2 miles.

mabuck | 24 giugno 2019

Exactly as the manual suggest. Users should see roughly 1% drop in range every day. (LR version)

Bighorn | 24 giugno 2019

I’ll amend my conversion from percent. Seeing as 1% is 3.1 miles, or 3.25 with RWD, 1/2% would be 1.55 miles per day. I don’t have a 40 day stretch to better my accuracy, but it’s surprisingly good regardless.

HighlandPony | 24 giugno 2019

Careful Bighorn, by suggesting that 1% is 3.1 miles you’re implying that the car has 310 miles of range. This is going to upset the new ‘Queen of shitty range calculations’.

rtanov | 24 giugno 2019

Here's my recent data point: I left my LR RWD in the garage unplugged starting at 90% SOC for 25 days, only checked it in app few times. It ended at 80%, so 10% loss in 25 days. I think that's not bad at all. BTW my BMW i3 only lost 4% in that same time.

Fuzzball | 24 giugno 2019

LOL @HighlandPony. Why do I smell something fishy with "Queen of shitty range calculations"

rwgallah | 26 giugno 2019

UPDATE: Ran sentry mode remotely. As stated by Craig earlier, it consumed 10 miles/day. So in summary:
-Phantom drain without sentry mode = 2.45 miles of range
-Phantom drain with sentry mode = 10 miles of range

SalisburySam | 14 gennaio 2020

Since a plugged in Tesla is a happy Tesla, did the car frown when left unplugged for so long?

andy.connor.e | 14 gennaio 2020

When Teslas can start talking, they will start yelling at you for leaving them unplugged. Today Model 3 feels sad, and will start the day by playing Desperado.

Frank99 | 14 gennaio 2020

"You never take me out anymore. I spend most of my day and all of my nights here in the garage all alone, just hoping that you'll come take me out for a ride."

andy.connor.e | 14 gennaio 2020

i actually hope that doesnt happen

ICEMELT | 14 gennaio 2020

I don't have 40 days experience. I parked at home, unplugged for 12 days over holidays, I only saw 2% degradation for the entire duration (mainly due to Sentry being off at home). On the flip side I had parked at airport lot for 4 days and it drained 4% per day. Sentry mode does take a lot of juice.