Leaving Model X unplugged 2 weeks

Leaving Model X unplugged 2 weeks

I will be leaving my Model X for two weeks outdoors in Los Angeles in August

Other than turning off cabin overheat protection, is there something else I should do to make sure my battery is not dead when I return

Or should I just use 110V with extension cord and limit it to about 1 mile per hour ?

I anticipate that I will be losing about 7-10 miles per day if not plugged in and overheat protection is off.

NKYTA | 23 giugno 2019

Outdoors, in SoCal sun?!?

Turn ON cabin heat protection and plug into 120V.

Since this hasn’t come up for awhile, 110V vs 120, though it comes up often enough...

eazy70d | 24 giugno 2019

Leave plugged in, set battery charge to 50-60% and schedule to charge at mid-night or what ever is the best TOU rate for you. LA is super hot in August so the battery coolers will be running a lot. Service person told me this when I also went on vacation recently. Battery has separate cooler/warmer to keep at optimal temp even if the car is off and not running. HTH | 24 giugno 2019

I think it will be fine if you are unable to charge for just a few weeks if you start with a high SOC. Be sure to turn off Sentry mode, as it will consume 15-25 miles of range per day! You can turn it off from the app if you forget.

Frank99 | 25 giugno 2019

For only two weeks, don't overthink it - plug it into 120V, don't worry about charging rate, and set the charge limit to 90% or below. If it makes you feel better, set the charge limit to 80%. If you're closer to the coast, you probably won't even need to plug in because the cooler air will eliminate the need for the car to run the A/C. But, if you don't have a good idea of how much range you lose a day in August, and charging is readily available, remember that "a plugged in Tesla is a happy Tesla".

The charging rate (" limit it to about 1 mile per hour") simply doesn't matter in this case - the car is going to charge at it's normal rate (5 mph) until the battery is full (hits the charge limit), then it's going to stop charging until the battery level drops a bit. There's only a few situations where you'd need to worry about charge rate - for example, using a cheap low-power 18-gauge extension cord meant to light up your christmas tree, not charge your car, in which case you'd need to limit charging rate whether you were plugging in for an hour or a month.

jennifer.and.nate | 25 giugno 2019

I don't even worry about my ICE car's battery leaving it for two weeks.... you're talking about a battery with like 100x that charge. no, it'll be fine.

sschaem | 29 giugno 2019

Do not use sentry mode, it will drain your battery to 20% the first day, and disable itself from then on.
You can also expect a few miles a day of battery drain.

If you have the option to keep it plugged in , you might as well, and set the charge to what you need when you return.

NKYTA | 29 giugno 2019

“Do not use sentry mode, it will drain your battery to 20% the first day”

Empirically False.

Jca320 | 30 giugno 2019

I left my S (75D) unplugged for 16 days. Other than the @2% per day drain for battery conditioning, connectivity, cabin overheat, etc, all was fine. The car did disconnect from the app after 14 days. Kinda freaked me out. Upon my return, it took 8 minutes to boot all systems. Everything was normal after the restart.

kevin_rf | 1 luglio 2019

You are part the rainy season, right? Just leave the windows open, you'll be fine.