Will the SolarCIty PowerBlaster be necessary?

Will the SolarCIty PowerBlaster be necessary?

sleeper service | 14 luglio 2019

I have a SolarCiity PV system installed in July 2015. It uses the SolarCity PowerBlaster to communicate over WiFi to the ABB inverter in order to send the information over the Internet to SolarCity.

Will the PowerBlaster still be required after the switch to the Tesla App?

Noam | 17 luglio 2019

Only if you want to see your consumption. The Tesla app doesn't add any additional hardware to your system, it uses what was already installed previously.

sleeper service | 17 luglio 2019

I've accidentally disconnected the PowerBlaster occasionally and the SolarCity web interface shows 0 for usage. Normally it shows a ridiculously low usage which happened after my 2 PowerWalls were installed. The Tesla app is accurate judging from my Pepco bill.

When the SolarCity display shows 0 for usage the Tesla app shows the actual usage. I'm just wondering whether I can disconnect the PowerBlaster since it is now inaccurate and doesn't seem to contribute anything for the Tesla app. Unless, of course, the PowerBlaster also sends health and status of the inverter.

sleeper service | 18 luglio 2019

I finally got a response from Tesla "help" which basically said it is needed since it was included in the original contract. I thought that since the information is now provided from some other part of my system (PowerWalls (?), Router over 3G (?)) that eliminating it would simplify Tesla's monitoring. So, I'll keep it on.

I'm no longer using Tesla help. I find my local service center much more helpful.

Noam | 26 luglio 2019

The reason why your PowerBlaster is inaccurate after the PowerWall installation is that it likely was set up to measure the utility net usage, and use the solar production to figure out the total usage. Once you add a PowerWall into that mix, that formula doesn't work anymore. I don't see any reason why you can't shut off the breaker for the PowerBlaster - it isn't providing any useful data anymore. The PowerGuide is going away in a few days anyway, so it really won't matter (but why waste energy powering a monitor that's inaccurate?).

tjclement | 27 luglio 2019

Is there going to be a Windows app for monitoring usage same as the phone app? I found one that someone privately wrote, but it was for the powerwall. It will give you the power graph, but nothing else. I