Tire Leak

Tire Leak

My Model X right rear tire leaked overnight and was flat in the morning.I checked and noticed pretty sharp metal object like end of a small knife penetrating the tire.I removed the metal object and fill the tire with air.Now 2 days and it is maintaining the tire pressure despite driving 30 miles each day.My worry is it may not burst on highway on long drive.Can a Tesla tire be checked at any tire shop and if need replacement can be replaced OR i need to take it to service center.My tires are about 1 year old and have 16000 miles on it.

lilbean | 26 luglio 2019

America’s Tire is where I would go and get a warranty too.

dapetrun | 26 luglio 2019

Remember the Model X has foam in the tire for sound deadening. They may not fix the leak and it may cost you a new tire. But what you gonna do?

Sandman89 | 27 luglio 2019

Did Costco do Tesla tire repair or change.

Sandman89 | 30 luglio 2019

I went to NTB Service center and they recommended to take it to Tesla service center as they not able to change the tire.Continental tire 275/45/R20 110 V is stock tire with Model X 2016.Cost is 255 dollar at Costco and Tesla will probably charge 400 dollars for same tire.Any suggestions.

Sandman89 | 31 luglio 2019

Did anyone have information about Model X Tires have foam for sound deadening.Does it come with Original tires only or need to be injected in the tire during installation with any other brand tire.Second not using original stock tires which are Continental,is there any problem with other tire brands.

jimglas | 31 luglio 2019

it is a part of the tire. Not necessary on replacement tires, although the road noise probably will be a bit louder.

Sandman89 | 6 agosto 2019

I took my Tesla to local Tesla Service Center.They checked my Rear Right Tire and said there is no leak and I am good to go.Tread is good and though there is is a slash cut but as there is no leak I can continue to drive without any problems.They also told me that if I need Tire replacement I can get them ordered through Tire Rack and be delivered to them and they install it.Charge for 4 tire installment is 125 dollars.Ordering myself through Tire Rack will give me free road hazard warranty while if Tesla order it than there is no warranty.Also it cost me less to order through Tire Rack than Tesla.So from now onward if I need tire replacement I will order it myself either through Tire Rack or Discount Tires.