"Vehicle system shutting down:" HELP!

"Vehicle system shutting down:" HELP!

My 2014 MS 85 lost power and shut down in both different times while driving and supercharging. It happened twice in about a month. Both times the vehicle was not drivable and had to be towed to two different service centers. I've had this vehicle for 5 years and never experience anything like this. I took it for service both times and there was no resolution to the issue. While I comply with the service advisor's recommendations I'm also asking for any advice here.

The first incident happened on 6-16-19 when I was driving then several alerts appeared on the dash. Messages showed in the following order:
"Car needs service: Car may not restart"
"Car needs service: PULL OVER SAFELY"
"Power reduced: Vehicle system down"
Then I noticed a total power shutdown. The vehicle had to be towed to the Burlingame, CA. service center (SC). The vehicle was in service for 1 week. I was told by the advisor the most likely cause was a change in voltage going through High Voltage Interlock Loop (HVILP) but since the technician wasn't able to reproduce the problem they can't repair it. I was advised to keep it running and drive straight to the nearest SC next time it happens and take pictures.

Several weeks later the second incident happened on 7-13-19 when I was supercharging. A single message appeared: "Power reduced: Vehicle system shutting down." Again, I experienced a total power shutdown and the vehicle had to be towed to San Francisco, CA. SC this time. I had to pay the towing fee ($500) upfront since Tesla Roadside assistance stated that my vehicle is out of warranty except for the battery pack and drive train. Two weeks and three days today, I got a call from the service advisor (and daily updates) with similar feedback from the last time. I was told the technicians couldn't reproduce the problem and no repairs were made other than tightening a single loose electrical cable.

Has anyone experienced any failure with the HVILP before?

viranjit | 31 luglio 2019

I saw the same symptoms about six weeks ago on my 2012 P85 Model S.
The same warning sign followed by a complete loss of power, even though the battery had plenty of charge.

I had it towed to Sunnyvale Tesla where they determined that liquid had entered the drive system.
The drive unit was replaced under warranty.

Hope that helps. Good luck.

Bighorn | 21 agosto 2019

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Silver2K | 21 agosto 2019

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Bighorn | 21 agosto 2019

I had to drive 550 miles to service my Porsche.

Mathew98 | 21 agosto 2019

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Tkim is likely a spam bot. Glad to see him flagged away in some threads. Also I sent a note to corporate about him.

dj-tesla | 21 agosto 2019

Mine shut down 8/16/2019, towed to service center, I did not get a clear explanation why my car shut down. I posted it on a different thread here