Free unlimited supercharging is back

Free unlimited supercharging is back

From Twitter @Tesla just now 2019.08.03.0830... BREAKING: All new Model S and Model X orders now come with ⚡ free ⚡ unlimited ⚡ Supercharging ⚡

Poor sales staff will be getting *more* frustrated calls this weekend from recent new buyers. With all these wild price and feature swings, they should at least make any new discount, decrease, or free option, available to buyers of the previous 30 days. That might make customers feel a bit less anxious and angry.

lilbean | 3 agosto 2019

These changes cause frustration for people who miss out. It is annoying.

2015P90DI | 3 agosto 2019

Are you surprised??? Shouldn't be.

2015P90DI | 3 agosto 2019

I just ordered my car 3 days ago. I only got 1000 miles with my referral, but spoke to the sales rep and they're adding it to my car, so just about perfect timing for me. I told him if they had any issue adding it, I'd just cancel the order since the deposit is fully refundable, then re-order, but he said that won't be necessary.

rxlawdude | 3 agosto 2019

Hmm, smacks just a bit like desperation. I see no good from this news.

PBEndo | 3 agosto 2019

Perhaps a battery pack upgrade for the S/X is coming soon and the FSC is being given to dull the sting of those that order and S/X now.

2015P90DI | 3 agosto 2019

At this point, my badder can't go longer than 370 miles. Just as the recent update that added 10% more range had no notable impact on sales, I don't think adding more range is going to move the needle. Maybe if it's like the Roadster and can go 600 miles, that might appeal as most wouldn't have to deal with any stops for Supercharging, but anything short of that, I don't see it having a big impact. Everyone was expecting a "refresh", now that Elon debunked that theory, I actually might agree with @rxlawdude for a change. I personally think we're near the end of the S & X. Likely will just be the 3, Y and Roadster for a while.

2015P90DI | 3 agosto 2019

bladder! | 3 agosto 2019

Definitely stinks for those of us who recently purchased a Model S. I really like my new Model S (haven't driven it in a week since at one month of age it developed a loose connection at the front motor that repeatedly made it go into limp mode so it got towed to the nearest service center. And they expect me to pay for the return trip. But I digress....). Sales must have really dropped off for them to have to throw in free supercharging on top of the now included ludicrous with performance purchase and free MC white paint.

Coach | 3 agosto 2019

Free supercharging is a cheap incentive for Tesla that's paid out like an annuity, if at all.

SO | 3 agosto 2019

To those who keep saying the S/X will be discontinued, that’s unlikely. This is just another way for them to differentiate from the 3/Y.

They should just package FUSC on all initial sales of the S/X but NOT have it transfer to the next owner.

Ohmster | 3 agosto 2019

Add FSD as standard for S and X. I am waiting to hear the depressing trade in value Tesla will offer. I am itching to move on to a a Raven Performance.

rxlawdude | 3 agosto 2019

And remember they are deleting it from their used sales.

acegreat1 | 3 agosto 2019

@201590dl your not going 370 miles between charges. Maybe 350 or 369 but not 370. What's ideal on the long range raven?

PBEndo | 3 agosto 2019

I am not referring to a range upgrade but a pack that can charge faster.

jeffrub | 3 agosto 2019

Long time tesla supporter and really disappointed for the first time. I was suckered into upgrading my 15 MS to get ludicrous for free and took delievery a month ago. Right after that they included ludicrous in the performance version. So the 120k car I thought I was getting a good deal on evaporated over night. Then 30 days later they reinstate unlimited super charging, argggg. Really disappointed. I hope they grandfather it a month or more. Anyone know who I can complain to or is it not worth it?

ALSET | 3 agosto 2019

@jeffrub - I hear ya. I ordered my Raven Long Range about 1 week after the announcement and since then the car has dropped about $5000 and now added unlimited supercharging. On the plus side, I LOVE the car I have and that's the most important. I also got 5000 free SC miles but it's lame that expires after 6 months, in the 2 months of ownership I've only used the SC once and that was just for fun. The rest of the time I've been charging with my Tesla Wall connector. When my car was being built they did decreased the cost by $3000 so at least I caught that break.

jeffrub | 3 agosto 2019

Yea I hear you. I love my car as well, loved my 15 MS 90D but always wanted the performance model. I did get 1k SC when I bought and did manage to take delivery on June 30 to get the bigger tax credit .but still really irritating. I feel really bad for the folks that paid 20k for ludicrous.

tes-s | 4 agosto 2019

"Long time tesla supporter and really disappointed for the first time."

How long have you been on the forums?? This happens all the time. HW2, HW2.5, HW3, refresh, numerous price drops.....

The first I remember it was the parcel shelf that was a $250 accessory that became included - I think that was late 2013 or early 2014.

jordanrichard | 4 agosto 2019

Umm like no other manufacture has offered up incentives to move metal? Also for those upset about missing out and feel like they got hosed and that this is a Tesla only thing you clearly don’t watch car ads on TV because they are always coming up with new incentives that lowers the price which people that bought their cars the day before, don’t get. | 4 agosto 2019

These tactics buy Tesla just make people think they should wait because you never know what the next incentive will be. FUSC is cheap and Tesla could give it to all Model S and X owners. Bad enough that they charge almost twice our local electric rates for the SC electricity. | 4 agosto 2019

Dang autocorrect... how does by become buy?

Hammonddave | 4 agosto 2019

"2015P90DI |
At this point, my bladder can't go longer than 370 miles" So we are basing maximum range with the capacity of our bladders? If that's the case, then All I need is 50 miles.

PBEndo | 4 agosto 2019

Can I drive 370 miles without stopping to urinate? Depends.

tes-s | 4 agosto 2019

"These tactics buy Tesla just make people think they should wait because you never know what the next incentive will be."

Exactly!! I'm waiting for things to settle down before I upgrade my Pentium 100 with Windows 3.1.

tes-s | 4 agosto 2019

Range is king. When I drive roundtrip CT to VT now, my 2018 X100 requires half the charging time of my 2013 S85.

With a Raven S, it would be cut in half again.

When it goes above 400 miles with V3 charging, it will be ICE equivalent. Pretty good progress in about 10 years.

thranx | 4 agosto 2019

@Tes-s: Ha! The included parcel shelf. Six years on and its still sitting in the garage, unused.

NKYTA | 4 agosto 2019

@PBE :-)

nwfan | 5 agosto 2019

@2015P90DI, and pickup. I believe 2021 it will be on sale.
I'll be surprised if there isn't a waiting list for it.

RightHandRule | 5 agosto 2019

I took delivery of my new S on august 3 - now this SC change ? _ The free SC was one reason I was holding onto my 2014 S - oh well

bkurian0 | 6 agosto 2019

BURNED ON BUYING EXPERIENCE: My wife and I took delivery of a '19 Model S at the end of June. Red, with white interior, FSD, and...ludicrous. What we received was a car with black interior. Tesla confirmed it was their error and that it was 'accidentally' changed on their end. We got an apology and nothing else: Accept the wrong spec car or order a new S. It had already been 6 weeks since ordering and an expiring tax credit, so we accepted the wrong spec. We also traded in 2 cars. On the 2nd car, we were told we would receive a check within 5 we did. Problem, it was short ~$5k. No explanation given from Tesla. 4 phone calls in and we still have no answer. Now, I see that ludicrous is free on new orders. I'm the fool who paid $20k for this feature. I had even asked for the ludicrous price to be adjusted to compensate for the order error. Tesla said no...but now it's free.I feel burned: wrong color, wrong trade-in payment, and now wrong timing. So, we paid $25k more for the wrong [spec] car. I don't know how I can be a raving fan or an optimistic stockholder. Hwelp??

rxlawdude | 6 agosto 2019

@bkurian, from your description, no one held a gun to your head to accept a vehicle you didn't want.

You're whining about $20K, but you would have "lost" only $1,750 by canceling and getting the car (later, perhaps at the new price) later but with a lower FIT credit.

As to the discrepancy on your trade in, if you have documentation that is an easy win in Small Claims Court. Unless we don't have the full story here.

yeshaammastani30 | 6 agosto 2019

New Model 3 order question
Ordered model 3 from the website. Long range awd. With 19 wheels, and white interior

Anyway got a call day 4, that its available.

My question should I ask for a recent model that rolls of the factory. My assumption is that newer built model 3 have less issues.

Or should I just take what they have already made. I asked the dealer and apparently the ready made model 3 was off the production line in July. So fairly new.

What to do.

rxlawdude | 6 agosto 2019

I'd wait for one made for me, unless they are willing to give you some discount for the inventory model.

Owners can return vehicles with up to 1,000 miles on them. I do notice a bunch of used M3s with low mileage (299 miles, 331 miles, 747 miles, etc.) now being sold by Tesla. The most likely reason these M3s with less than 1,000 miles are being sold as "used" is that they were likely returns from a previous purchaser. There are also a few used Model S with less than 500 miles.

I don't recall ever seeing used models with such low mileage until Tesla started the return policy. I would be very cautious about buying someone else's reject.

2015P90DI | 6 agosto 2019

You are correct again RX

But, they do have several inventory cars with less than 10-15 miles on them. Those are just pre-produced cars. Not cars that have previously been sold and returned. If an inventory car has less than 15 miles on it, and meets your order requirements, I'd go for it. It's a new car. Those that have a few hundred miles on, I agree with RX that those are return cars. Those however have technically been registered and can't be sold as new, hence the increase in used cars with low, low mileage. Tesla does have some demo, loaner cars that they also sell with low miles and can sell those as new as they haven't been registered. Key thing is check the mileage. If its under 20 miles, then you're getting a new car, just one that was produced a few weeks ago instead of one that rolled off the line this week.

multiplymultipl... | 10 agosto 2019

To those who keep saying the S/X will be discontinued, that’s unlikely. This is just another way for them to differentiate from the 3/Y.

i agree !!

hsuru4u | 21 agosto 2019

they offer it to boost sales and say its limited time...then end it after quarter sales- then bring it back again later: we fell for it thinking it was limited only to see it comeback over and over.