Tesla Not Honoring Referral Code

Tesla Not Honoring Referral Code

Has anyone else had this experience? (The post is a little lengthy, but I wanted to include as many relevant details as possible)

When I first built my MX back in March, I used my friend Lisa's referral link. I didn't pull the trigger on it right away, and a few weeks later a Tesla Sales rep from Buena Park, Jeff, reached out to see if I had any questions. A few weeks after that, I reached out to Jeff to make my order.

Somewhere in the process, Jeff decided to recreate my order from scratch. I asked if my friend's referral code would still be applied. He said it would. I have a confirming email from Jeff on April 16 saying "Hey Scott! I got the referral code added to your account!" I took delivery of my MX Raven on June 1. At that time, the referral code was worth 5000 supercharging miles for my friend and I.

A couple weeks after taking delivery, the miles still hadn't shown up in my nor my friend's Loot Box. I contacted Jeff and customer support. To this day, Jeff has gone completely MIA. Multiple calls and emails over the last 60+ days have been ignored.

On June 14, I got a response from Tesla customer support saying, "Thank you for your Tesla order, and I am happy to explain the details of our Referral Program. To be eligible for referral awards, all orders must be placed through a referral link." I explained that I did use the link and forwarded the confirming email from Jeff. The response was, "Thank you for this additional information, as Referral Program Support is not able to apply a referral code post-order, I do recommend following up with your preferred Sales or Delivery representative on this matter."

I've followed up multiple times and no one will help me. The latest from customer support is: "I will submit your situation for review, but please understand that this is not an area we make exceptions in and will most likely not take further action. Thank you for your understanding." What exceptions? The referral code was used from DAY ONE.

Anyone have an idea of where to go from here? TIA!

ricoant | 3 agosto 2019

DITTO your situation, except the San Diego advisors said there was a glitch in there system during this time. They sent a spreadsheet with all the names of those in the San Diego area who didn't received their SC miles. The Regional Managers rejected the list. We need to ban together, now TESLA is offering FREE SUPERCHARGER MILES NOW TO NEW ORDERS!

BlufftonBob | 4 agosto 2019

Same here when I ordered and took delivery of a MS at the end of March. The Raleigh NC Sales & Delivery team never came through and blamed it all on the big Tesla referral team in the sky. Very disappointing for a customer who has purchased 3 MS starting in 2015. After months of trying to get satisfaction I gave up.

etasinga | 4 agosto 2019

dealing with this situation myself and I purchased my car from Alejandro at Buena Park. I recently got through with a sale rep there and he said they are really trying to fix this problem and that they are manually adding in the referral codes. I had also got that email which said no referral code was used when I purchased the car which was not true. If it doesn't happen within the next week or so I will just go into the dealer, that is all you can do, you can rarely get anyone on the phone.

ScooterHall | 5 agosto 2019

Thanks, all, for your replies. I heard from Jeff @ Buena Park over the weekend. He said that it is a known issue that he had to escalate a level above his manager. He also said 100s if not 1000s of customers have been affected. Jeff said something similar to what the San Diego advisors told @ricoant: There was a glitch in the system and they're still working on how to make it right.

As of now, they literally don't have the capability to add miles to customer's loot boxes after the purchase has been completed. It's going to take some sort of software update on their end.

Jeff said that the referral codes WILL be honored. What they just don't know at this point is that if it will take a week or a month or ???

CA has a government agency (Dept. of Managed Health Care) that mediates health insurance claims. They helped me out BIG TIME recently. I wonder if there's something similar for Tesla issues? I looked at It appears Tesla is not a BBB accredited company. But... hopefully there will be a solution soon and we won't have to escalate the fight.

Keep in touch! Let me know if anyone gets their miles & I'll do the same.

etasinga | 5 agosto 2019

@ScooterHall sounds like you were told the exact same thing I was told when I got through to a sales Rep at Buena Park, only difference is they told me this 2 weeks ago. I hope they resolve the issue.

ScooterHall | 5 agosto 2019

I think you're right @etasinga. I finally got a call when I mentioned "escalating" the issue. I hope they truly are working on it and not just trying to placate us. It seems like a VERY simple customer service issue for them to deliver on - especially considering they're back to offering "free supercharging for life" as @ricoant mentioned. Keep in touch!

santawiryaman | 5 agosto 2019

I had the same problem too. Thought of ordering online with a referral code, but decided to ordered it from a CA in the Natick MA showroom who I test drove with. I thought it was a nice gesture and he might be rewarded for the time spent with me. The referral code didn't get through. I brought it up during delivery, complained online, etc. and gave up in pursuing it further. Tesla, please get your acts together.

ScooterHall | 8 agosto 2019


Got the following email from Tesla Support. They confirmed the WILL honor the referral code. Yay!

From: Customer Support Tesla

I can verify that a request was submitted for your referral code to be added. This is not an area we typically make exceptions in, but in this case, we will be able to authorize the granting of the applicable rewards for having this referral code attached. We will work to add this reward to your account, but please understand that this addition can take several weeks at most. This is a one-time action, and for reference I have included the details of how to continue and earn rewards through our program.

mornat99 | 8 agosto 2019

Same for me in montreal i order it with the guy at tesla and i was suppose to receive 7500 km i receive ZIP. i call text cry and everything still zip...

drcp | 8 agosto 2019

Same here regarding 6 months of super charging with my friends referral code (henry4059). Plus, since I bought my car off the inventory list in December 2018 there was free SC for that as well which I never received. I thought it was related to my screen never updating as the charging was happening. It just stays at $0.00 now, sometime in May 2019 it changed from $10.92 which my manage page says I owe even though it said that when I received the car and my credit card has been on file and has paying for all Super Charging.
It's not related just a bug even though I'm on the latest software version.
Thanks for any help.

etasinga | 8 agosto 2019

still nothing on my end , but I hope they full finally follow through

Valtor | 10 agosto 2019

I had an issue as well with the referral program and they heavily resisted fixing it. I ended my mail chain with them by asking them to forward this suggestion to where it may help:

"I would suggest that, since 1500km of superchargers is worth about 50$, it is a very small amount for Tesla to pay in order to make one of their customer happy and feel good about their purchase. Instead, by refusing to correct such a small issue it leaves a bitter taste. The whole point of a referral program is to create a positive aura for your business and by treating it the way you have, it instead creates the opposite. For trying to save a mere 50$, it might end up loosing you sales that would have easily offset this small cost."​

I mean just the time they spent exchanging with me would have paid for it.

HummerMan3 | 12 agosto 2019

I had/have a similar issue with a self referral for solar. Right before pulling the trigger 3 days before the expiration of the old referral program, I noted that the referral wasn't popping up in my current Tesla account, so I called to confirm it was indeed credited to my account. They couldn't confirm it but said that it should pop up in my account within a few weeks. It never did. I've called Tesla every ~2 months since then, but very hard to reach someone that could help me. Last month, they said that my issue was listed as "resolved" and that I should expect the $250 credit for the referral within 6 weeks. That's coming up this week, and so far, no check. Sad part is, if I only waited 4 months for solar, I would have saved much more than the $250 I'm arguing with Tesla to get back!

bbickham1 | 12 agosto 2019

Same issue. Bought my model 3 in April, delivered May 8th, code submitted to my Sales rep (Ben Nissen) at Scottsdale store at time of purchase. Also during the 5k mile promo. Still nothing and zero response from Ben since May 3rd. I reached out to the Referral Support and got the exact same email responses you did, ScooterHall. Another associate told me they've gone through 3-4 software system changes in regards to the referral program since spring, but my name and code are on "the list" to go through. Last email to Ben to get an update was 8/5. No response.

I agree completely with the sentiment that the handling of this issue has left a terrible impression on me in regards to customer service. Absolutely atrocious.

bbickham1 | 12 agosto 2019

Oh, and I also had a friend use my code to buy their model 3 last month. Nothing there, either.

RayNLA | 13 agosto 2019

Same here!
Not to mention that referrals get you a chance to win a Y or a Roadster.
So yeah it matters

sschaem | 13 agosto 2019

Happen to me last year. I used my dad referral code. At the time of the order it was a choice of stuff, including a wall connector... It worked out well as he needed one.

Well come to delivery time, he was given the reward at the time of delivery, not the time of the order.
The offer was downgraded to "put a picture in space" .

I tried to have it corrected, but it takes so much effort I gave up. But my reward was free super charging, and I was able to get that resolved via the escalation process.

When I ordered my X I also got the interior set of mats... they send me the wrong part list. When I was at the service center I tried to return it there, and they told me they cant and I need to contact tesla online shop.
Again, its a game I prefer not to play... calling, getting an answering machine , waiting, and not getting anywhere.

mariamelladmd | 15 agosto 2019

Yes, same thing here. I have referred two of my co-workers, tesla model 3s delivered and my referral codes given to the sales rep before deliveries, MIA!! Talked to Tesla, emailed them, NADA! What is this a SCAM!! I'll send them an email everyday just to get a paper trail, hope somebody will escalate it somehow...

bnaniwadekar | 4 settembre 2019

I am stuck in a similar situation in Austin, TX.
Please let me know if there is a way to escalate this via phone call.

saxxon | 4 settembre 2019

Pretty sure I am due a charger (or kids Model S) for the referral we used to buy my wife's MX.

djholt | 26 settembre 2019

I too have never received my 5,000 supercharger miles from a referral code given with my May 2019 order. I've been told by my salesperson and his manager that this "glitch" is still awaiting a fix, and they still don't have an update. I'm told I have no choice but to wait indefinitely, and there is no further information, time frame, or alternative resolution.

Has anyone had this issue corrected to receive their supercharger miles? Or heard anything otherwise?

etasinga | 27 settembre 2019


I have. I had the same issue and time and time again I was told the same thing til I finally emailed and explained to them the situation. It was amazing it took 5 days for them to respond, and within an hour of them first responding the 5,000 miles popped up in my account and my friends account whose referral I used. I had given them my VIN, my friends referral code, the name of the sales associate who I worked with when I made the purchase and it finally paid off after waiting over 4 months.

Only issue is someone recently used my referral code and their care was delivered on 9/24 and I have no received any of the supercharging miles. I don't even know if I want to bother going through the ordeal again. Good luck.

Scarab | 27 settembre 2019

I emailed repeatedly and was told it was too late. Then they stopped responding to me. Disappointing but still love the car.

djholt | 3 ottobre 2019

Thank you for sharing your experience. I've emailed once again, and I'll report back here if/when I receive a reply. Thanks!

SpamMan | 4 ottobre 2019

Ditto. emails go into black hole.

Spyrish | 4 ottobre 2019

Same issue here, had the Brea Tesla rep use my buddies referral code to order an in stock AWD LR and still haven’t got the miles. Was told it was a known issue and was elevated to the regional manager. This all happened in July/ august.

I’m still bugging them. We should file a class action lawsuit. Free charging for life!

Orthopod | 4 ottobre 2019

They honored the miles the day my friends got their Model 3 delivered

bassbone1 | 8 ottobre 2019

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone use my code. I waited a long time to be able to afford my car and would sure appreciate a little help with the charging cost.

Thank you so much in advance!

Bless you.

djholt | 11 ottobre 2019

I've heard nothing in response to my inquiry.

I think free supercharging for life would be a fitting resolution to this. For those affected, it would go a long way to demonstrate that Tesla stands behind their promotions and wishes to honor the promised reward. Nothing they've done so far with regard to this has demonstrate anything such.

Not sure what to do now.

rajeshkumaran | 15 novembre 2019

Same here, I bought through a rep (not online) and gave him the referral code, he even sent me a screen shot showing a URL with the referral link. But after few day later realized that the referral code was apply. When contacted, the rep mention it was a global issue so his branch manager is going to re-submit for all. When I contacted the rep again a month and half ago he mentioned the manger has submitted for all. So contact the customer support here after as if he don't want to talk to me again. Now he is not even responding to my text message.

In between, there was first communication with the customer support via email, in which they said nothing can be done at time because referral code was not used during purchase time.
Recently started second communication with customer support, after a month later, the response was they can't attach referral to an existing order. So looks like I am in a limbo where the rep not responding and the customer support can't do anything.

It been over 5 months 5000 miles supper charging mile not applied to me as buyer and to my friend who gave me the referral code and it was not my mistake not attaching the referral code when purchasing. If this is the case why would someone refer and go through such a hassle which in the end does nothing. :(

Initiated third customer support email hoping to get some resolution.

Cmjimenez24 | 23 aprile 2020

I just emailed customersupport and got a response that this email is not being monitored. WTF!!!!

rob | 23 aprile 2020