I had an incredibly bad experience with a service person (anonymous since it was by text but I have the phone number). Promised follow ups have not occurred in addition to just being a jerk regarding documenting damage to vehicle. How do I reach someone at Tesla higher than my local rep? I don't want to go thru the 7 layers of hell to get my issue resolved - who is empowered to do something?

Okie1 | 12 agosto 2019

By the way - I want them to do something about my car - the person with attitude is their problem.

El Mirio | 13 agosto 2019

Tesla wants customers to use Tesla app to schedule service, you can give all the details needed and track progress. They are moving away from human interaction when it comes to service. You probably will have best luck with the app rather then trying to track down a head head honcho.

andy.connor.e | 13 agosto 2019


jimglas | 13 agosto 2019


geo.teepe | 13 agosto 2019

Tesla should eventually allow for independent repair shops.
May even have a training program for independents.
Tesla will have an almost impossible task to service and repair all the vehicles they plan to produce.

jimglas | 13 agosto 2019

the amount of service required in very minimal. Not like an ICE vehicle

geo.teepe | 13 agosto 2019

jimglass makes a good point.
Still the service centers in some areas are completely overwhelmed.
Some of the ones that are not, will soon be.
In Orange County Ca we have 2 centers. since the last one opened we have 100 maybe 200 times more cars
Independents would give me the option to pay for what I need, rather than not have it done when I need it.

sosmerc | 13 agosto 2019

All cars require routine service at some point and independent shops will get some of the business.....IF they can get proper training and tools. I haven't used a dealership for service for years. My local independent mechanic has been able to deal with most issues. Collision repair and painting should also be considered "service" so the need is just not for routine service.

johncrab | 13 agosto 2019

There are already some incursions into Tesla's service exclusivity. Across the street (literally) from a SC near me is a shop that specializes in tires, wheels and alignments for high-end cars and they service Teslas. They quoted me $95 for an alignment and tire rotation for my S which is less than half of what T charges (not that they want to do that any longer). So that's where I went and they did a great job and were very careful with my car which was on a rack next to a Ferrari. Independents will take on more tasks as T is unable to service all of the cars they are building. It's going to happen and T will be dragged kicking and screaming into that ecosystem.

sosmerc | 13 agosto 2019

I think it will happen too, but I really don't think Tesla is going to resist. They might even welcome it if it takes some pressure off their service centers. If there is any downside it might be the extra burden of providing instructors, training material, tools, and another branch of communications for management to deal with.

Okie1 | 13 agosto 2019

Let me clarify - I have zero trust in my local service center. I'm looking for someone at Tesla HQ that can get involved.

Magic 8 Ball | 13 agosto 2019

I thought for sure this was going to be a Comcast thread.

jimglas | 13 agosto 2019

it can always get worse

Yodrak. | 14 agosto 2019


Yodrak. | 14 agosto 2019

"I want them to do something about my car"

What is the problem and what do you want done about it?

Knowing what your issue is might help, or it might not, but you not providing any information about the problem definitely does not help us to help you.

geo.teepe | 15 agosto 2019

Needs minimal service.
That is true in theory.Since jimglas mentioned it and I agreed with him,I went through the service record of my last ICE car.I did go to the Dealer 7 times in 5 years and 60 000 miles. ( tires excluded)
I went to Tesla more often than that in the first 6 month just for 2 problems.
It was not for service, it was to correct defects. Correcting these defects takes just as much time as service, hence the overworked centers.
I really have only this one issue TESLA NEEDS TO OPEN MORE CENTERS or allow independents.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 15 agosto 2019

I took my M3 to a service center and this big burly technician promptly hit me in the head with a wrench and killed me. He then drove my car on a long and expensive road trip, racking up many toll charges and parking tickets. I now have several dents and my car smells like an old shoe when I turn on the A/C.

Is this normal? Does anyone else have similar experience?

jimglas | 15 agosto 2019

I had the exact same experience
then I woke up

rxlawdude | 15 agosto 2019

@Neo, it's not normal to care about anything after you're dead.

geo.teepe | 15 agosto 2019

I am starting to admire the high level of intelligence on this forum.
I feel endangered.

sschaem | 15 agosto 2019

@geo.teepe This forum is really frequented by two type. The Tesla owner at the end of his/her rope, that has no where else to turn, and is desperate for feedback , and also vent.
And the other side, the tesla enthusiast that never had any problems and think anyone that didn't have a perfect experience is a bunch of liars and troll the original poster, totally dismissing the problems.
That seem to cover 99% of the post. The few other might just be wondering by and truly offering valuable feedback.

I'm going to drive to a service center tomorrow and most likely end-up driving home with a loaner.
The thing that is demoralizing is last time I went there it was for another X to fix day one problems, where the FWD where so badly aligned that the rubber seal was in the process of getting ripped. Well, they aligned it, but half the time the door would not close anymore on a first try "(obstruction detection)
This time I have the passenger side that need re- alignment because from the factory it doesn't close if its not fully open. sigh, I'm tired of this ... So much wasted efforts.

I feel like a perfectly built Model X doesn't exist... well they probably do, but Elon got the one :) ... and maybe a few other sent to review magazine.

jimglas | 16 agosto 2019

mine is fine
always has been

jtou | 16 agosto 2019

I am really frustrated with the Tesla service! How does one to get anyone in Tesla service to respond? The APP only allows one to make an appointment but not to do any follow-ups! The mobile team reached to me after my initial appointment request made two months ago but nothing else since then! I have no way of knowing if and when the mobile technician will come to me for the repair. Numerous messages left to the SC went unanswered! In the meantime I am driving around with a loose front sensor that gives out faulty alarms every time I come to a stop!

ndy856 | 16 agosto 2019

Their mobile mechanic won't come out neither.

andy.connor.e | 16 agosto 2019

thats alot of double negatives. sounds like they'll come out.

SamO | 17 agosto 2019

I noticed the yellow border around dads S100 yesterday. I opened the app on his phone and scheduled mobile service to do the repair in 15 seconds.

Not sure why everyone needs to talk to Tesla. Perhaps 50% of the calls to service being about how to turn on Autopilot is why they don’t answer the phone.

Read the f’ing manual and use the app to schedule service.


lilbean | 17 agosto 2019

How do you schedule mobile service on the app? | 17 agosto 2019

@lilbean - Tesla decides if Mobile service is suitable and available - it's not an option you select. For example, if you need the battery pack replaced - it has to be done at the service center - mobile service cannot do it.

@SamO - I don't think Tesla is rolling out the display fix yet. Latest word is more towards Nov-Dec.