Floor mat will never move

Floor mat will never move

We have designed floor mat for tesla Model S, with anti-slip claw backing, plus the velcro to fit original floor, so as to make sure the mat will not move,
Main advantage:
1.europe imported material, usually for luxury cars
3.anti slip, no movement
4.custom fit, even cover better than original mats
5.twocolor sewing binding
more details pls check below

Can offer 70% off on price, so as to get some test and comments from you, if you are willing to share and post new thread on this forum with comments, pictures, video

anyone intested, pls let me know

PS: can contact me through my, and no more than 5 quotas

Ohmster | 14 agosto 2019

70% off of $89? Sure why not? I'll give them a go provided reviews don't violate any of the rules of the forum.

ywh0533 | 14 agosto 2019

@Ohmster, you can contact me through my

Tldickerson | 14 agosto 2019

I'm with Ohmster at that price. I'll send you a email ywh0533.

BarryQ | 14 agosto 2019

I also sent you an email.

ywh0533 | 15 agosto 2019

@Barry, @Tldickerson, have replied your emial already

Made in CA | 15 agosto 2019

@ywh0533 - I also sent you an email. Let me know if you are interested.


klufkee | 15 agosto 2019

Email sent. They look damn nice on the Amazon listing. Hoping these aren't just for 2016+ though. I'm stuck with a lowly 2015 p90dl :)

Ohmster | 20 agosto 2019

2017 Model S....

OK. I didn't want to post a new thread in the event that there are multiple reviewers. Hope this is OK with the OP. Please note reviewers are getting a discounted price, but lying ain't worth $62 bucks....anyway here goes...

Pictures are here:

I ordered Friday, originally the cart said delivery on Sunday. Afterwards, I received an email of Tuesday delivery...they did arrive today (Tuesday).

Typical enough packaging. Outside box with product box inside. Was a little bit bent up, but these are mats, so no worries.

Products were in a plastic bag with some foam padding to minimize the crease from bending the larger back mat. No outgassing smell! Looked as plush as other premium mats I have purchased in the past (American Floor Mats, Lloyd Mats). They come in black, black, and black. You can get black, white, or red accent thread. I thought I ordered white, but mistakenly ordered red. Still is fine in my premium black trim interior. I like the accented border. It helps make the perimeter/edges stand out.

The pictures show my two year old OEM mats side by side with the new. Originals to the left, new TopDesign to the right. $89 seems a good deal. Lloyds Luxe set you back $268 and their Ultimats are $170.

No regrets getting these. Didn't realize how worn my original driver mat was from daily 2 hour commuting until I took them out. If I have to buy these again in two years, I'll be pretty satisfied.

ywh0533 | 21 agosto 2019

@Ohmster, thanks for your objective comments!Much appreciated, we will take your advice of supplying frunk and trunk mats into consideration