my car shut down without any warning

my car shut down without any warning

today around 6:26PM california time, while Im driving , my car completely shut down without any warning at all.Intrument cluster and center console. Brakes and Accelerator is non responsive, But I was able to steer it to the side until it came to complete stop. the center console and instrument cluster is totally black. I cant even turn on the hazard lights, I cannot put it to "park" too. I tried to reboot it but i think it rebooted it self whiel im trying to reboot it. after it rebooted i saw two notification on the center console saying "Parking brake not applied ( vehicle may free roll) and "Automatic Emergency braking is disabled"

after it rebooted I was able to drive it but I was so scare I wont make it hope. while driving Im waiting for tesla support and took them around 1 hour and 40 minutes to answer. the lady said I need to take my car in to SC to be check but want to me to call again for appointment tomorrow since the SC near me is already close.

I saw some post here that their driving was not affected but mine was totally affected. I cannot do anything except steer the car until it stop.

I will update this thread after I hear from Tesla.

murphyS90D | 15 agosto 2019

The brakes should still work but without power assist you might need both feet on the pedal.

Anthony J. Parisio | 15 agosto 2019

Sorry you went through this. In the 6 years I have been on the forum this is the first I ever read something like this happening.

dj-tesla | 15 agosto 2019

@ Anthony yes. Same ith me. That's reason why I posted this.

jordanrichard | 15 agosto 2019

brakes are hydraulic, a complete power failure wouldn't affect that.

Silver2K | 15 agosto 2019

Have you had weird errors in the last few days before this happened?

Silver2K | 15 agosto 2019

How old is the car and have you had service performed recently?

dj-tesla | 15 agosto 2019

No errors . Annual service just done First week of July 2019.

dj-tesla | 15 agosto 2019

Tesla towed it to SC today. Will update with new info when available

Silver2K | 15 agosto 2019

Which annual service? There are 4.

I'm guessing the body controller is loose.

dj-tesla | 15 agosto 2019

50k annual so 4th?

dj-tesla | 15 agosto 2019

Tesla finished the diagnosis and they confirmed the wht happened but they said the vehicle is operating as designed. they reviewed the logs and they said that they found several instance of FPS crawling due to high energy logs, too many NAV locations and high Map tiles. they also performed MCU wiring inspection to ensure power and ground. perform rests and clearing of cache date. no further repairs recommended at this time.

Silver2K | 15 agosto 2019

Cool beans.

Anthony J. Parisio | 16 agosto 2019

What is FPS? What year and model is your car?

Pungoteague_Dave | 16 agosto 2019

@Anthony J. Parisio "In the 6 years I have been on the forum this is the first I ever read something like this happening."

Actually, this was a thing that happened to numerous original P85D owners when Tesla uploaded a software update in 2015 to implement sleep mode for original D cars. It was recognized fast and fixed within a couple weeks via OTA update, but in the meantime we were instructed to turn off range mode pending the update. At that time lots of us experienced total shut-downs while driving, no warning, just instantaneous free-wheeling while everything turned off.

dj-tesla | 16 agosto 2019

I have no idea what's FPS means. I just copied it from the service papers they emailed me. Tesla told me everything is fine so I'll trust them on that but it was really scary experience for me.

murphyS90D | 16 agosto 2019

My guess is Frames Per Second.

dj-tesla | 21 agosto 2019

Maybe but I wonder why the Instrument Cluster also shutdown if the problem was the MCU only?

dj-tesla | 21 agosto 2019

And the car completely shut down?