SR+ Immersive Mode

SR+ Immersive Mode

Got my car June 20, SR+ RWD. It had Immersive mode at that time. About a month later, it disappeared. Support has had me try everything to get it back and there has been no solution for about 5 weeks now. I have read that others had this issue but its a bit disheratening to not have a feature (no matter how minor) that is supposed to be part of a $43,000+ car.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Any type of compensation they should be providing?

Support has confirmed that I should have this feature

cosmicwarrior | 15 agosto 2019

Don't worry about it. Audio sounds exactly the same when Immersive sound is on or off. I was disappointed with it and I'm sure a lot of other people were too, I didn't know they took it away via update though. I'll have to check that out when I'm off work today to see if that option disappeared for me too.

vincelorto | 15 agosto 2019

I have SR+ too. When I click immersive vs without, it sounds no different. I've been actively researching subs and amps. THere are a few threads on doing it. It seems a bit of a process.

kamitchell | 15 agosto 2019

I would be tempted with an upgrade path to premium interior. Minus the sub I think all of the hardware is there.

wiscy67 | 15 agosto 2019

The subwoofer and extra amp are missing in the partial premium interior. The door speakers have 8" woofers so that's a plus. Regarding the OP topic I would want SC to solve why the immersive audio button isn't active. That button, fog lights, 240 mi range and slightly better performance are the main differences between SR+ and SR.

finman100 | 15 agosto 2019

huh. in my premium interior, long range, rear wheel drive (Oct 2018), the immersive sound makes a really really really BIG difference in a lot of the music i play. I mean, it takes it from simply good, to frickin' completely amazing.


Smalm | 15 agosto 2019

If you have partial premium you can verify that immersive is doing something anyway. Shift the balance to be all the way into the back seat. Then toggle between immersive mode and you should hear a difference. I’ll grant you if you balance in the center and sitting in the front seat it is very difficult to distinguish on most music tracks.

Smalm | 18 agosto 2019

Finally bought a USB 3.1 drive and put some music on it by ripping a CD via iTunes on the high quality setting MP3 (not even the highest and certainly not FLAC) and it definitely makes a big difference in sound quality over Bluetooth source. And can audibly hear the difference in Immersive mode on SR+ even with fader in the middle position.