$533.52 Michelin refund for original tires with 26k miles on model 3

$533.52 Michelin refund for original tires with 26k miles on model 3

I just got a check for $533.52 from Michelin for a warranty claim for the original tires Tesla put on my model 3 in 2018. The tires only had 25,936 miles on them.

To get the warranty claim I called the Michelin Consumer Care number 800-847-3435 and had to try a few menu combinations to get to a real rep. She had me give her some information about the tires and asked to get an official tire evaluation from a dealer. Since I just bought new tires at a Discount Tire in San Diego I had her call them and they gave her the details on the tread wear (around 3/32) and tire condition.

Just thought I'd pass this along since it was a much larger refund than I anticipated. The process was not easy and took at least 3-4 calls but in the end it was totally worth it.

Have to give Michelin credit for honoring their warranty, even if they don't make it easy.

Hope this helps someone else.

spuzzz123 | 19 agosto 2019

Wow. I need new tires too. Roughly same mileage. I didn’t think tires that were sold originally with car were warranted. My gut tells me you just started a glut of calls to Michelin’s customer service...

ODWms | 19 agosto 2019

I've got the 20s. If I get 26k miles on them (as so far it seems will be the case), I'd consider it a win.

rtravis4 | 19 agosto 2019

Great tip. I’ve got the same miles but a little more tread.

spuzzz123 | 19 agosto 2019

Oh that brings up a good question op. What size tires did you have?

RES IPSA | 19 agosto 2019

Good info... thanks

FutureRobot | 20 agosto 2019

The tires were the original Michelin Primacy MXM4s with dimensions: 235 / 45 R18

82bert | 20 agosto 2019

What are they rated for that the refund was issued? Any idea from talking with the rep?

spuzzz123 | 20 agosto 2019

This may end up being the single most useful thread anyone could have posted. I’m guessing that you must replace them with Michelin’s in order to use the warranty right?

rsingh05 | 20 agosto 2019

I understand Michelin terminated this program for oem tires in the last year or so. There was another thread on this topic and I had posted the exact date there, but can’t remember. Maybe someone who knows how to search the forum can look it up but the net was that my 20s from October ‘18 build would not be eligible. BH also had a view on this as far as I remember.

ramoska | 20 agosto 2019

From what I remember I was Late April 2018 to pick up my car and I think I am eligible. But I thought they had to wear down completely. So if I get them to 2/32 I can fill out the form? The rears were 4/32 at 12000 miles a few months ago.

ST70 | 20 agosto 2019

I've done this 2 times now...on my 3rd set of discounted Michelins

malliknamburi | 20 agosto 2019

I have done this by America's Tire.
They rotate and automatically give discount.
I replaced at 21K

rsingh05 | 21 agosto 2019

@ST70 and @malliknamburi - have you had your OEM Michelin tires (that came WITH the car, not replacement tires) eligible for a refund? If so, can you post when your car purchased?

LostInTx | 21 agosto 2019

This is excellent - thank you! My 3 has 26K miles and just barely passed state inspection with 3/32 on each tire. I'd love to get a bit of cash returned on what are the most expensive tires I've ever had on a car.

Jmeiley | 21 agosto 2019

My car came with continentals?? I prefer Michelin wonder why they sell with different brands?

vmulla | 21 agosto 2019

Here's my experience

Go to my post on September 21,2018 for info about claiming warranty. Other info on the thread is about general 18" tire wear and replacement

ST70 | 21 agosto 2019

@rsingh05- My P85DL was purchased in June 2015...I had my OEM tires replaced at Sears at 12K miles in 2017...they lasted around 12K miles and had them replaced again at Sears in Nov 2019...I've now got ~ 28K expect another 8K miles until the next replacement.

jjgunn | 27 agosto 2019

This may not work with the OEM Michelin Pilot 4 S's. Competition tire, DOT approved? Normally found on the P3D on delivery.

I'm still trying to verify

LikeEVs | 23 settembre 2019

I took delivery of my LR RWD April 2018, and the car is reaching 20000 now. One pair of tires have 2/32 and the other is catching up.
Have anyone been able to get Michelin warranty recently? TIA.

radean84 | 23 settembre 2019

@Jmeiley I'm guessing you have 19 inch wheels? Not sure if it's always the case, but what I noticed at my local dealership is all 18 inch had Michelin and all 19 inch had Continental. I personally hate Continental tires. Had a set on an Accord that weren't even round... that's their primary function - be round!! They were also noisy and had terrible wet traction.

Michelin every time for me. Appreciate the heads up on the warranty discount.

RES IPSA | 23 settembre 2019

I just called Michelin. I had to choose the option at the beginning for a dealer to speak to a live person. I purchased my vehicle in June 2018 and it was delivered August 2018. The woman said there is no warranty for the OEM 18" Michelin tires but she did state to have the new tire dealer call them when I was getting the new tires on the car and that Michelin would offer some sort of discount if I purchased a new set of Michelin tires.

slingshot18 | 23 settembre 2019

Friend just had his prorated. He has his car delivered September of last year.

Raffim | 27 settembre 2019

@FutureRobot, thank you so much for this post. It was very informative and quite helpful.

lavanyadiraju | 1 ottobre 2019

@LikeEVs I called Michelin with front tires at 7/32 and rear at 3/32 at 20,000 miles. They offered me a discount on new set of tires.

goddesavatar | 8 ottobre 2019

I wen to Service Center today due to couple minor problems and Service advisor told that i have 4/32 rear and 6/32 front at 7600 Miles since March 20 2019.He told i can order new 2 tires for you and i said let me think about it.I was just shocked with this wear out in 6-7 months. I never go to long trip and only driving street which is likely %95 and 5% freeways. I live in Huntington Beach and drive mostly to Newport Beach and other area in Orange County. This wear out with 7600 miles is unacceptable. There’s something wrong!! I will talk tesla tomorrow and try to get evolution form.
P.S: Costco advisor told me that tesla try to sell new tires to is impossible wear out like this in 6-7 months with this mileage. Something is wrong.
I have also toyota prius with Michelin tires and warranty is 65K miles.
There’s two options : first tesla gave us the worst Michelin tires or those tires are really bad. There’s no other option to wear out with 7600 mileages. I’m so disappointed it.

rxlawdude | 8 ottobre 2019

Or... there's an alignment problem.

goddesavatar | 8 ottobre 2019

No,we test drive it and the guy told me no need wheel alignment. It’s pretty good.

LikeEVs | 21 ottobre 2019

My tires are down to 2/32" and 3/32" at 20k miles. Does anyone have experience with Costco trying to get the prorate discount from Michelin?

vmulla | 21 ottobre 2019

I have experience with that.

Read towards the end of this thread:

vmulla | 21 ottobre 2019

Here's the quick answer.
You will have to share the invoice from Costco to Michelin warranty department + Costco tire folks have to call Michelin with the tread wear readings. You will receive a refund check in the mail.

Also, I had to try a few Costcos before someone kind agreed to take the trouble of calling Michelin warranty department. Costco tire departments are really busy, they're just not in a position to stay on the phone for 10-15 mins to help a customer with warranty claims.

tnttd9 | 23 ottobre 2019

Great info thanks. Just heads up for everyone. Did a road trip from Lake Tahoe . Just got my Model 3 really love it but caught a nail right in the middle of left rear tire just when I arrived in Wendover. It was a Sunday and called Tesla roadside service. They said they will bring a new tire from Salt lake City but it would take over two hours and they would charge me $750!!! Called a local shop (El Jefe's) and he got me a new tire for $200. It didn't have the foam but it works great. I never thought about looking for a spare (my bad) so I inquired about getting one . Very expensive and it would take up most of the space in the rear trunk. My question do you think Michelin would honor that since I only had 2500 miles on it?

billlake2000 | 23 ottobre 2019

Worth giving them a call. I got that done on a tire that I can't remember who made it, but for good will reasons, they refunded me a pretty decent amount.

rxlawdude | 23 ottobre 2019

I don't think they warranty road hazards for OEM tires. Wear warranty, yes. Nails? Nope.

ST70 | 23 ottobre 2019

@tnttd9- why didn't you just put a plug in it and be on your way?

Teslanene | 23 ottobre 2019

@tnttd9 I carry a small air compressor and a plug kit for this scenarios. Most tires with nails can get you to your next destination if you keep inflating it.

walnotr | 23 ottobre 2019

Discount Tire called Michelin and got me an instant rebate (charge back on my credit card). It was only for two of the tires because the fronts had 1/32” to go before they would start to prorate. It came to $160 which I felt was fair.
Front tires measured 3/32 and rear was 2/32.

For what it’s worth, I replaced the OEMs with Michelin PilotSport A/S 3+ and am quite happy with them. They seem as quiet as the originals. I can’t give a definitive answer about range difference as we have been driving with a loaded down car in many different conditions since installing them.

rsingh05 | 23 ottobre 2019

@walnotr - do you have 18" or 20"wheels?

johnw | 24 ottobre 2019

I also got over $300 at Discount Tires for 3 of my original tires. My 4th was shredded by nails so not covered.

jamespompi | 24 ottobre 2019

Discount tire told me that the credit would only be good if I got another set of Michelin's

LostInTx | 1 novembre 2019

Just dropped my 3 off at Tesla to install and balance new tires, plus an alignment. My original Michelins had 29,400 miles and from the Tesla lobby, I called Michelin and managed a 25% rebate off the price of my new tires. The Primacy MXM4 235/45R-18 tires are rated at 45,000 miles - I was at 29,400 so they gave me a $325 refund, which I'll receive in 4-6 weeks.

All Tesla had to do was measure the tread on the existing tires and speak with the Micheline rep. The entire process took 15 minutes.

rxlawdude | 1 novembre 2019

@walnotr, I replaced my MXM4s with the Pilot A/S 3+ late this spring after 30,000 miles or so. I saw an immediate hit on consumption: 371Wh/mile vs the lifetime (with MXM4s) of 341Wh/mile.

Over time, that delta has narrowed somewhat, where the last 14,000 miles on the Pilots has been getting 359Wh/mi.

Effect is also noticeable in an app like TeslaFi, which showed an immediate hit from most of my commutes at 89-93% efficiency (actual/rated) down to the low 80s and high 70s. That has clearly improved with the wearing in of the Pilots.

My next set, however, will be LRRs like the MXMs or maybe Nokians.

coselectric | 2 novembre 2019

Glad I saw this thread. I have only 3/32" front and rear on 18" MXM4's with 16.5K miles, Sep 2018 purchase. Getting Michelin CrossClimate+ tires put on by Discount Tire next week. I think I'll give Michelin a call...

walnotr | 2 novembre 2019

@rxlawdude here are the stats for our road trip with 4821 miles on the Pilot A/S 3+ tires.

1303 kWh used
270 Wh/mi average
Lifetime average was 250 Wh/mi before trip, currently at 252 Wh/mi after the trip.

Obviously not really a definitive test as the road trip encountered a variety of driving conditions, front and back trunks full, as well as more aggressive driving by not worrying about range.

First impression with the new tires was that there is a definite hit to range with these. I’ll reset the trip meter and see what I get over the next 500 or so miles. Overall quite happy with them but don’t think I’ll see 240Wh/mi anytime soon.

08/18 LR RWD 27K miles

FactDoc | 2 novembre 2019

Just called Michelin

My tires are 3 at 10 000 miles

coselectric | 2 novembre 2019

@Maxxer, don't leave us hanging, what did Michelin say they'll do for you?

Ama_John | 7 gennaio 2020

I have 23K on mine (RWD). Two of my tires were in the red (2/32) and the other 2 were yellow. I called Michelin but they just told me to go to an authorized dealer and the dealer could call them. I admit that Discount Tire at first told me OEM tires were not warrantied but I just insisted that Michelin told me that but that they would give a "good will" discount (which was true). He called them and ended up crediting me $500 for 4 new tires.

coselectric | 7 gennaio 2020

@Ama_John, good for you - way to persist. I used Discount Tire too. The first guy I talked with tried to convince me that my treadwear (even 2 mm front and back at 16.5K) was due to lack of rotating and wouldn't be covered under warranty (I had rotated once at 7500 miles). I persisted, the second guy was very helpful. Fast forward 6 weeks, Michelin told me yesterday that my check was in the mail, atlhough they wouldn't tell me how much it would be. Anxiously waiting to find out.

RedPillSucks | 7 gennaio 2020

Is there any way to lock this thread as a sticky post to the top of the list so it doesn't get lost?
I know there's a search feature, but I might not even remember about this topic when it's time to get new tires

Ama_John | 8 gennaio 2020

@coselectric, in the salesman's defense, he didn't really resist calling Michelin but I think was trying to lower my expectation. I was there when he called and he was clear to them that I had already called Michelin and was told there would be good will.

Tionebin | 17 gennaio 2020

Thank to this thread for literally saving me over $600 today. I just went to America's tire, asked them if they could contact Michelin so I could claim a warranty. They didn't even have to call and applied a discount right away ($171 per tire). I didn't have to provide any other info. The salesman told me they were sending back warranty tires directly to Michelin.
Thanks again.