High Power Wall Charger Parts

High Power Wall Charger Parts

Hi folks,

My HPWC connector broke. It may have been run over at some point. It is just the connector into the charge port.

Does anyone know if I can just buy the connector or the cable? The charger itself is fine and I do t want to spend $600 when all I need is the connector.

I epoxied it, but it doesn’t seat all the way now.

Thanks! | 16 settembre 2019

I'd first check with service. Perhaps they can sell a new cable and connector. There was a company a few years ago that sold the connectors - they chopped them off the HPWC and I think attached a J1772 connector instead, so they had a bunch of extra connectors. A quick search on eBay didn't show them up, but perhaps you can find them. Sorry, I don't remember the company name or link.