Streaks Inside Headlight Lens

Streaks Inside Headlight Lens

Has anyone else noticed what appears to be streaks inside their headlight lenses? You won't see it in direct Sunlight, but in a shaded area using a flashlight at an angle it's clearly visible. Looks like something leaked inside the lens and dripped down it. I'm on my third set of headlights because of this and these have it too, actually worse than the ones they replaced. Apparently Tesla knows about this issue and is looking into it.

dt22cc | 24 settembre 2019

I have this on my car. Noticed it after a rain and assumed water got inside and dried out. Never saw anyone else post about it. Since its hard to see, I let it go vs having my front taken apart to change out the headlights and risk some hood/bumper misalignment (way more visually obvious).

Will follow your journey to see if they actually have a fix for this.

Resist | 24 settembre 2019

It is kind of ridiculous that the entire front bumper has to be removed just to replace the headlights. I think most people probably never noticed this with their cars, but I did. And it really makes the car look cheap. The vendors quality control failed, but Tesla's quality control failed to catch it too. And this makes it's worse. As consumers that spent a lot of money for their products, we should be concerned.

dt22cc | 24 settembre 2019

Agree, usually notice it when I wash my car at certain angles. Can't believe you've been through it twice.

I wasn't into this happening to my car lol.

ODWms | 25 settembre 2019

My Mercedes SLK 350 is the same. I had to take off the front bumper cover as shown by dt22cc when I decided to replace my existing headlight modules with LED aftermarket ones.

dlpowered89 | 29 ottobre 2019

@Resist - Any progress with this issue? I am also seeing streaks on mine as well. Was the replacement done by the ranger or SC?

dstewart | 17 novembre 2019

Anyone know if the lens can be replaced on their own or is it a complete unit swap. One of the lenses has cracked!