Screen Freeze and Reboot

Screen Freeze and Reboot

Today is my one month anniversary of getting my M3 SR+ (still smiling). In the last two weeks, my touchscreen has frozen twice. Then it goes black and in about a minute it reboots. My car still drives, but it makes me a little nervous. Anyone else have this happen? I have a service appointment on October 11th and will bring it up at that time. Thanks.

aweidenhammer | 3 ottobre 2019

Mine is one week old, and it has blacked out 3 times requiring reboots.

sandysimon45 | 3 ottobre 2019

Guess we both need to take it in for service.

triton3 | 3 ottobre 2019

Yes, happens now and then. It doesnt affect the drivability of the car. Only time its caused a problem is when the screen crashed upon entry into the car and thus not allowing me a way to enter the pin. It rebooted and crashed again 2 times. Eventually resolved itself.

No harm getting it checked out if it happens too often.

pilot518 | 3 ottobre 2019

Since the 2019.32.11.1. Mines blacked out twice. I’ve just had it a week. Never stopped smiling. Love the car!!
But today it blacked out in the crazy heat we had here today, 101F in October, ugh. Then again when I got home. Set the alarm off getting out of the car. Works well. Haha

MrSexyTime | 3 ottobre 2019

Look up power cycling. Fixes a lot of issues. Sometimes have to do it twice...Usually after an update.