To paint or not to paint???

To paint or not to paint???

Long story short, I paid extra for red paint and noticed imperfections upon delivery. I've been granted a repaint by a reputable shop I've used before. My concern is the car will now be painted post-assembly. If they take it apart, will they put it back together correctly with no rattles, missing clips, alignment issues etc? If they don't take it apart, will they be able to perfectly mask so there's no paint on things that shouldn't be painted? Has anyone dealt with this?? I've only painted cars after accidents, so I'm a nervous wreck to be painting a brand new car - doesn't even have 1000 miles yet. The main issue was under spray on the front bumper, meaning you could see the plastic in some spots as the paint faded into the unpainted areas. The secondary issue is fish eyes on just about every panel. From a distance in the sun it looks great, but up close or in garage lights you can see the flaws and terrible orange peel. If the paint option were free, no problem, but for $2000 extra I'm really torn on what I should do. Any input, experience or advice is appreciated. The car is scheduled to go into paint on Monday.

TeslaMarque | 11 ottobre 2019

Professional painting contractor here... what were the imperfections that required a repaint new out of the factory? If they were so bad (and I’m not saying they weren’t bad) they approved a complete repaint, I personally would have rejected the car. Your concerns are completely valid, will they put it back together as new? Depends on how much experience they have. If I were considering this option (which I wouldn’t be, unless it were longer than 7 days or there’s some other reason you’re not rejecting delivery) I would be asking the shop how many of these they’ve done. Even if they know how to do it perfectly, there are always things that come only with experience, and I wouldn’t want them learning on my car.

If you absolutely cannot reject this car and you’re dead set on keeping it, might I suggest a wrap? If you’re going red, you wouldn’t need to worry so much about proper assembly, masking, overspray, etc.

TeslaMarque | 11 ottobre 2019

Reading your comment again, I would reject this car. There are too many imperfections for you to have to deal w this, you’ll never be totally happy and you deserve that for the money you’re paying!

radean84 | 11 ottobre 2019

@TeslaMarque Appreciate the feedback! We can no longer reject the car, had it a few weeks now even though it's still under 1000 miles. The problem with a wrap is we'd have to pay out of pocket and they're pretty expensive around here. My options really boil down to live with the car how it is, pay out of pocket to have a detailer try to clean up the existing paint, or go through with the repaint and hope for the best. The more I think about it, the less certain I am on what I should do :(

surfpearl | 11 ottobre 2019

Any photos to share? I haven't dealt with this, but to me the lowest risk option (other than no painting at all) would be to ask the shop not to take apart what they don't have to. They are pros and should know how to mask glass, trim, etc. If they miss something, hold them to fix it.
More importantly, step back and detach yourself for a moment. If it were someone else's car, what would you suggest to them?
Good luck and report back!

lilbean | 11 ottobre 2019

I would just wait and see how you feel about it. I had a couple of fish eyes that Tesla was willing to repaint but I don’t even see them anymore.

Scrannel | 11 ottobre 2019

Reject. Car.

wiboater4 | 12 ottobre 2019

since it doesn't take as long to get another car now . I think I'd reject the car.

gmr6415 | 12 ottobre 2019

@RADEAN84, Although my issues weren't nearly as bad as you describe I had to have the front bumper repainted on mine. It's the Pearl White. The shop Tesla sent it to did a fantastic job and the bumper looks perfect.

As stated, not nearly the issues you are having and all they had to do on mine was remove the front bumper, paint it and put it back on. I've been very pleased with the results.

OC.M3 | 12 ottobre 2019

are you in so CA? if yes, what paint shop or service center did u take it for the bumper repaint?

Magic 8 Ball | 12 ottobre 2019

Paint is highly subjective as to if it is "acceptable" or not. While missing paint may be an issue dirt and fisheyes will disappear quickly after ownership (you won't be able to see them among the various rock chips, scratches, etc. You have a legitimate concern about putting your car into a rework environment. Good luck with your decision.

gmr6415 | 12 ottobre 2019

@OC.M3, I'm in Central FL. I took my car back to the Tamps Service Center. They took it to the body shop they use.

FISHEV | 12 ottobre 2019

New car is probably best as the painting may show up in various reports when you got to resell and it will reduce the value.

radean84 | 17 ottobre 2019

Thanks for all of the feedback. I was no longer able to reject the car because I've had it for more than 7 days and it's just over 1000 miles as well. Maybe I still could have somehow, but I also had already modified the car... probably dumb on my part timing wise. Blacked all the windows out, auto open frunk/trunk, did the beauty kit on the wheels, and installed wheel spacers. Anyways, went ahead and moved forward with the repaint. It's been in the shop since Monday and they have me in a loaner Model S 75D. The shop assured me it'll look much better when they're done with it. Original ETA was 8 days but said it could be longer. I'll report back when I get the car back.