Range 325 miles?

Range 325 miles?

I tried a full charge on my M3 and only got 304 miles. Aren’t we supposed to get up to 325 miles now? Running v10.0 software.

Lonestar10_1999 | 12 ottobre 2019

Relax, it’s just an estimate based on historical consumption. You can average lower watt hours per mile by reducing speed, jack rabbit starts, heating/ air conditioning, parasitic drain from extras like lights, usb devices, etc..

hcdavis3 | 12 ottobre 2019

I got the 325 bump and I’m 322 after V 10 update. Not worried yet.

gballant4570 | 12 ottobre 2019

Depends on your config. LP RWD was supposed to have moved from 310 to 325 after a software update earlier this year. My LR AWD has never charged higher than 306, with the exception of one 100% charge that actually showed 310 once close to that same software update time. After one year and 18K+ miles, it charges to right at 300 estimated miles at 100%.

FISHEV | 12 ottobre 2019

"Aren’t we supposed to get up to 325 miles now? Running v10.0 software."@robert rogus

Tesla's blog says yes but none of the updates have that significant change noted in the "New Features". And most don't seem to get the 325 range though some say they do.