Can you bring a NA model 3 to EU and still expect it to work?

Can you bring a NA model 3 to EU and still expect it to work?

Could be moving overseas for a few years.

jordanrichard | 15 ottobre 2019

I believe yes and no. Others can pipe in about regular charging because I think that can be done, but you won’t be able to do is use the EU superchargers. The connector on the cable and is completely different than the U.S. spec .

mixersoft | 16 ottobre 2019

What about the other direction—is there any such thing as a “global” Tesla?

These cars are supposed to last for 1 million miles. Hie can Elon expect anyone to get that all done on only one continent?!??

spuzzz123 | 16 ottobre 2019

Supercharging may be a big problem as I think they have completely different charge port architectures.

007bond | 16 ottobre 2019

I found this info on this subject.

- No service from Tesla (US parts don't ship to the EU, they don't service out-of-region cars)
- No Supercharging (uses different plug)
- No 3-phase AC charging (US Tesla's have a single phase plug, mainland Europe uses 3-phase power. Charging will be mostly limited to ~ 4 kW).
- No navigation, as US maps are loaded onto the car.
- Autopilot will most likely be wonky, due to different road regulations. eg. speed limits will not be available.
- Stuff like Homelink won't work, as US uses a different frequency than the EU
- EU CHAdeMO chargers are hard to find and limited to ~ 43 kW with the Tesla adapter. CCS is rapidly becoming the standard here. So your DCFC options are very limited.