I thought my charging port was broken! (It's not)

I thought my charging port was broken! (It's not)

Had my first "you idiot" moment with my M3.

It's mid October and it's starting to get cold up here in Michigan!

Drove home after a midnight shift, ambient temperature was ~45F. Pulled into the garage as I always do and plugged in.

I've had her since March and every time I insert the charging cable the lock engages and the icon goes blue to indicate the cable is locked into the charge port.

This time, nothing. No lock engaging, no icon change, nothing.

Que "mini meltdown"

Going into panic mode I reach into my pocket and pull up the app to schedule service before my battery dies!

Notification on charging tab of app has message that reads something like "charging may be slowed due to cold temperatures" but START CHARGING button is on app. Press button, lock engages, charging begins.

Breathe sigh of relief as I remember that Tesla pushed new charge port locking behavior based on temperature to help out with frozen charge port locks.

Just had to share with you guys after having a hearty chuckle at myself!

HighlandPony | 16 ottobre 2019

I’m assuming that you have the car set to charge at a specific time?

pjwheeler83 | 16 ottobre 2019

Correct, I try to set the scheduled charging to line up with my morning departure time so I'm not stuck without regen first thing.

Im really hoping future updates might include smart charging and maybe even cold weather battery pre conditioning.