sevencyclist | 21 ottobre 2019

How many miles are Model X owners getting out of your 20" tires? I had to replace left rear tire around 20,000 miles due to uneven wear on the inside of the tire down to cords. Had alignment done when got the tire replaced. The tread depth of the rear are still good except the right one is now slightly more worn than the outside. Not quite needing replacement yet.

The front tires are down to 4/32 depth with 29,000 miles. Probably have to replace soon with the rainy season coming for the winter in California.

How many miles are you able to get out of your front and rear tires?

hoffenberg | 21 ottobre 2019

Replaced mine at around 33,000

lilbean | 21 ottobre 2019

I think mine are due soon. Only 13k miles. :(

sevencyclist | 22 ottobre 2019

That is serious wear for 13K! Are you replacing with the OEM tires? Any alternatives that works well and might last longer?

ScooterJim | 23 ottobre 2019

I have a 2016 X90D. I replaced the first set at 33,000 miles but probably had another 5,000 miles left. I replaced them because Discount Tire had a Labor Day sale and bought Pirelli SCORPION VERDE ALL SEASON PLUS for under $1000 total installed (front are H rated and rear V rated). These have a 65,000 miles warranty vs no warranty with Continental OEM even at Discount Tire. I now have 26,000 miles on the second set with about 7/32 remaining. They seem as quiet as the OEM. There are a couple of threads on tires in this forum and most like the Pirelli vs OEM. Pirelli also have SCORPION ZERO ALL SEASON PLUS which are Y rated (186 mph) but have only a 50,000 miles warranty for a similar cost..

jljones96 | 23 ottobre 2019

We've got nearly 42k on 20"
OEMs and expect a couple more.