Will MS wheels/tires fit a MX?

Will MS wheels/tires fit a MX?

Here's the situation. I have a 2016 MS 90D with 21" wheels and Michelin summer performance tires. We just moved from CA to Park City, UT, and I'm trading the MS in for a 2019 Raven MX Performance. I've placed the order but was told not to expect it for 6-10 weeks—which means I may not take delivery until end of December.

We've already had some snow, and more will come. I'm not comfortable driving the MS with summer tires. If possible, I'd like to avoid buying a new set of wheels and winter tires for the MS that I'll only use for 2 months and then having to buy another set of wheels and winter tires for the MX when I get it in December.

One idea I had was to try to find a set of wheels and winter tires that would fit the MS now that I could also put on the MX when I get it in December. But I'm not sure if this is possible given the different specs of each vehicle?

2015P90DI | 23 ottobre 2019

The wheels will, fit, but requires a different tire size. X tires are much taller than the Model S. They will physically go on the car, but your speedo would be way off. You'd be adding miles to your car as the wheels would be turning faster than you're actually travelling. Can use the wheels and get a correctly sized tire. But just buying a set of MS wheels and tires won't work without changing the tires.

switters | 23 ottobre 2019

Thanks for clarifying. Given this, seems like it might be best for me to just bite the bullet and get a set of 19" wheels and winter tires with good resale value for the MS. Then try to sell that privately with both sets of wheels/tires... I'm sure someone in Park City would appreciate having goth summer and winter wheels/tires.

Worst case, I could trade in the MS to Tesla with one of the sets of wheels/tires and sell the other one used.