How to Remove Birthdays From Appearing on the Calendar

How to Remove Birthdays From Appearing on the Calendar

I have checked off birthdays from my calendars on my iPhone but I still get birthdays of people I don’t know showing up in my car. Anything else to try? | 24 ottobre 2019

They must still be on your calendar. Tesla only display's what is sent from the phone's calendar via Bluetooth. Each time you get in the car, it downloads the latest calendar again from your phone. It's not saved in the car.

TranzNDance | 24 ottobre 2019

Did you de-select the calendar in the car's calendar settings?

akikiki | 30 ottobre 2019

plusplusjames, are you getting duplicate entries on calendar items? This is likely a sign that your iphone calendar setting includes "Alternate Calendars are turned on. Try turning them off and check the Telsa calendar again.

barrykmd | 30 ottobre 2019

Calendar apps leave a lot to be desired. I usually email my flight/travel plans to my daughter. She asked me to stop because they show up on her calendar. I now email->text the info ( does the job)

plusplusjames | 5 novembre 2019

Thanks for the answers everyone.

@TranzNDance: Not sure where you mean exactly "in the car's calendar settings." I did deselect Birthday calendars from my iPhone.

@akikiki: No duplicates on the birthdays. I did have some duplicates on other items, like hotel reservations, that show up twice on my phone. I just delete the duplicate from my phone and then it only shows once in the car.

@barrykmd: I agree that calendar functionality leaves a lot to be desired.

So today, I got another birthday notification from someone I don't know. The birthday does NOT show on my iPhone's calendar. I did find a notification about it on the Facebook app. I went into Facebook settings to turn off birthday notifications and I will test to see if that resolves it.

EVRider | 5 novembre 2019

@plusplusjames: When the calendar is displayed on the touchscreen, there's a list icon in the top right corner that lets you select or unselect specific calendars -- that's what TranzNDance was referring it.