Center console touchscreen dead and AC stuck on... 2015 model S

Center console touchscreen dead and AC stuck on... 2015 model S

If happens to your model S, call tesla. If you can't get through to Tesla, I'd recommend driving it to a service center ASAP and if that is too far away have it towed... Your MCU is in need of repair. This is basically the transmission/brains of the Model S and with the AC on non-stop your battery is going to die.

Two weeks ago my autopilot was not tracking correctly (not detecting highways, so speed while under auto pilot was reduced).
I reset the MCU unit as I have done numerous times in the past. I plugged my charger cable and didn't think anything of it.
The next day I went to drive it and it was stuck... the AC was on and the battery was not charging.
I received a message that read, "please wait while vehicle systems power up."

This happened once before (when I went on vacation for a couple of weeks). On that occasion the MCU rebooted itself. So I drove it around a little but no luck... Tried plugging it into a super charger but no luck. I looked on the message boards and I didn't find anything like this except for someone with a model 3 problem in HI.

I gave it one more day of plugged in with the AC running and then unplugged it and made an appointment. As you might know the Tesla appointments are just a smidge backed up at the moment.

I was traveling for work when I got a call to ask about my car. The funny thing about Tesla is they already know what is wrong with your car given the connectivity. When Juan called my from the LA service center it was unfortunate how rude and unhelpful he was. Of the entire experience this was the most disappointing. It was my fault that it took me a day to return my car and he informed me it would be my fault if the battery fully discharged... which was contrary to what I read online. Juan said this would void the battery warranty. Kinda confusing right, your computer on a 4 year old car dies and it is the owner's fault that the car is undrivable and will not charge... clearly very disappointing for a part of the car so critical to it, would fail at just over 4 years of driving. The only analogy I can make is it's like the transmission blowing out on another luxury car... which just doesn't happen.

Anyways, I had the car towed to Tesla (while I was out of town on vacation). The service center did the test and informed me that the MCU had failed. It has a history of needing to reboot which they would know. It was replaced with in a day. Price was $2,200 area. BTW it did take over two days to connect with the service department at the Torrance center, apparently the phones were out...

When I got my car back the AC vent to the left of the steering column was jammed closed and was non-functional. So I drove it back and the maintenance person was able to "fix" it. The air does not come our full force but at least it is not jammed closed. And to top it off, I made a stop on my way home and when I opened the trunk, I noticed they forgot to put the trunk cover back in... Amazing service rt? I did text them about this and they are going to bring to my house at a convenient time, likely will have to leave on my porch like an amazon package.

I hope this helps current owners and future buyers. I have been a huge fan of Tesla and my model S since I purchased it. I have also told friends repeatedly that Tesla's are the best value in used cars. Unfortunately, this entire experience has made me rethink it. The debate when I bought it was would it be like buying an iphone (need a new one every couple of years) or would it be like buying a luxury car... Rt now it feels like an iphone product cycle with the service of cable company or airline.

CAcommuter | 3 novembre 2019

posted 11 03 19

bernhard | 4 novembre 2019

Sounds like a pretty bad experience you had. This really reinforces my decision to have the MCU preemptively repaired by replacing the flash chip that causes the whole MCU to die.

emipn | 4 novembre 2019

did you try to get your old MCU? Did it get replaced by a brand-new mcc or a remanufactured one?

camron.rahmanian | 5 novembre 2019

Interesting thing is my ordered used 2015 S 85D is sitting at service center and they are replacing MCU preemptively as well it seems.