'Cable blocked' warning message

'Cable blocked' warning message


For the second time in the past week a 'cable blocked' message has popped up maybe 5-10 minutes into my first drive of the day. It is a yellow message (warning?) and it only last about 3 seconds. I wasn't able to read past a few words the first time but this time I read a little more. The bold part of the message says 'Cable blocked - charge port latch may be frozen'. I wasn't able to read the grey part below before it disappeared again.

Has anyone seen this pop up?? I'm sure it is related with the temperature dropping in the past week (I'm in Central NY) but I haven't been able to find any occurrence of this message appearing online and, furthermore, I tested opening and closing the charge port and it seems to be working fine. Also, this past night I wasn't charging so I didn't even have the charge cable connected since the previous drive.

007bond | 4 novembre 2019

Why not call roadside they can check the log and tell you what it means.

Sparky | 4 novembre 2019

Try opening the charge port with the manual release chord. Left inside trunk, hiding like a little venetian blind chord. It may just be hanging up a bit and causing the spurious message.

Bighorn | 4 novembre 2019

A message that does not persist is usually irrelevant.

pjwheeler83 | 5 novembre 2019

I've had a few charge port error messages pop up recently myself and between those (it's getting cold here too) and the port having intermittent latching issues (it doesn't wanna let me remove the cable) I opted to schedule service for the charge port. There is a pin replacement TSB and it's been a pain in the ass every other update so hopefully mobile service will just replace the damn thing.

MoonDog | 11 novembre 2019

Just to provide an update. I've continued to receive the message and have been able to read the grey part under the bold yellow message it reads:
"Try Preconditioning with HI on Mobile App"

I'm not sure where this setting is but will look for it. If I have actual port issues I'll contact service center and update the post.

charles.a.braun | 11 novembre 2019

I got this message today. New one to me. 3+ years Model S -2 years Model 3.

This morning around 8:30 AM shortly after leaving Yermo CA Supercharger the car beeped the familiar 3 beep warning and flashed a message "Cable Bolcked". I was not able to read the rest of the message before it went away.

No more Superchargers along my route and when I got home I plugged in and charged to 90% without a problem.

This was on 32.x as it wasn't until i was home and fully charged at 36.x was made available.

Guess this is a new message for the winter season this year, but in my case it meant nothing as the car seems fine.

I thought it was odd that about 50 miles N of Baker (where the car initially wanted to charge) I got the pre-conditioning message. I am used to getting that perhaps 15 miles out but not 50.

I opted to bypass Baker and cancel nav. Once I passed Baker I entered my dest and it said go to Yermo which was my plan but at no point in the journey did "pre-conditioning" happen.

I pulled into Yermo and the car pretty quickly shot up to 140kWh charge rate and maintained a decent rate til we unplugged at 80%. Temps were in the low 40°s.

It was about 10 minutes after leaving Yermo we got this message.

gballant4570 | 11 novembre 2019

Bighorn +1

I see a couple of messages flash at times. If they are too fast for me to read, they are too fast for me to worry over.

MoonDog | 12 novembre 2019

So, I didn't find anywhere in the app the mention of 'Preconditioning' and especially nowhere to change a setting to HI (high?). I think this may be some residual warning message from a version of the app that might've had this feature.

Additionally, I hadn't noted anything unusual other then the message popping up until last night. I usually set my charging per a schedule. When I insert the tesla connector (from mobile charger gen 2) the color of the charge point LED usually changes from white to blue.. and stays that way until the scheduled charge time. This time, however, I would insert the connector but the light wouldn't change from white. I reinserted multiple times and thought the car wasn't detecting the connector. It wasn't until I paid attention to the car's screen that I could tell that when inserted it actually was detecting it and waiting to charge. But the light remained white. Anyhow, it charged fine over night but this was definitely unexpected behavior and don't know if it is related to the message.

MoonDog | 12 novembre 2019

I guess some proof reading would've helped... :)

MoonDog | 4 dicembre 2019

I found only this other reference to this issue:

Pasting here in case someone reads this with a similar issue. That person's case lasted for a while and didn't go away after a few seconds like mine. It has gotten better and I rarely get the message now.

WEST TEX EV | 4 dicembre 2019

Preconditioning prob refers to CLIMATE increase temp to HI

Fuzzball | 4 dicembre 2019

Back to OP - generally not worth worrying. But on the next opportunity, have a mobile tech or tesla center double check the manual chareport door release cable checked for proper functioning.

and btw, i hate that cable. The rubber things pops off easy and then you cant pull

MoonDog | 5 dicembre 2019

Another info for future readers, the issue associated with my comment from Nov. 12th in which the charging port remains white after plugin in charge connector is probably not related to the message 'cable blocked' message.

From the manual I found this: "Note: In cold ambient temperatures below 41° F (5° C), the charge port remains
unlocked whenever the vehicle is not charging. In these situations, the charge port light is white."