2013 P85D

2013 P85D

Found a good condition 2013 P85D with a little over 100k miles for sale. Original owner said Tesla just replaced the battery. Any way to confirm that?

Not sure if anyone else has gone through something like this.

Bighorn | 4 novembre 2019

I assume you mean the big battery so you might be able to tell its vintage by looking at the label visible at the right front wheel well. What’s important is the range as “new “ batteries are typically refurbs. That’s all that really matters here since they haven’t made 85s for a while. Some folks have gotten 90s for lack of supply.

rxlawdude | 4 novembre 2019

If you found a 2013 P85D, you would have a true collector's item.

P85D was first available in late 2014.

p1SL | 4 novembre 2019

You could have him charge 100% and then look at rated miles. If 265+ then it is probably a new battery.
P85D first sold in December 2014 so definitely check on that...

Bighorn | 4 novembre 2019

I think the original range was 253, so 265 ain’t happening.

inconel | 4 novembre 2019

Probably a 2013 P85

p1SL | 5 novembre 2019

mine was 272, 2014 p85D. Now about 252

Bighorn | 5 novembre 2019

You must be using ideal miles. Rated miles is what everyone else is using. 253 is based on the EPA figure, the rated mile benchmark.