2020 ?

2020 ?

Why are all the cars listed on New Inventory listed as year 2020? This is still 2019. What gives? Any ideas?

murphyS90D | 6 novembre 2019

Maybe Tesla is doing the same as all of the other car manufacturers and bringing out next years models in September. I bought a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid in April of 2009 off of the Ford dealer's lot.. | 6 novembre 2019

When Tesla only took custom orders, it made sense to set the model year at the end of the year (actually often a week or two before the end of the year).

Now that Tesla is building the most popular configurations to inventory, it makes for faster delivery to customers. Since many customers are in Asia and Europe, and factory to delivery is about 8 weeks, it makes sense that they are now on 2020 "Models", which as we know are identical to "2019" models that shipped a few weeks ago. When those cars arrive in Asia/Europe at the start of the year, they will be 2020 models.

Anyway, that's my theory :)

mcmack15 | 7 novembre 2019

Sounds like Murphy is on to something. I once bought a new 2010 Lexus in April of 2009.

rxlawdude | 7 novembre 2019

And my 2004 Prius in October 2003. :-)

marcustcohn | 7 novembre 2019

My Model S was delivered 11/2 and is listed as a 2020 model.

p.c.mcavoy | 7 novembre 2019

Definition of vehicle model years tied to certification process. Model year must include Jan 1 and cannot run past Dec 31. Nothing says you cannot start earlier than Jan 1 of the model year provided you have your cert approval.

In theory you stretch it almost 23.5 months, but not sure I know of anyone ever stretching it quite that far. Toyota and Honda both introduced model year pretty early, like March or April, when they launched new totally redesigned minivans around 2009ish if I recall correctly.

I’m guessing Tesla had their cert paperwork approved and likely something, like the increased range, they wanted to align with being able to list on the vehicle fuel economy sticker that drove the change.

Nmsurfer1 | 8 novembre 2019

To Marcustcohn: how long was your wait from the date you ordered your model S?

rob | 8 novembre 2019

What does "model year" mean anyway? The car doesn't change. At least what I've seen.