Hry guys! Alright so this isn't going to apply to many of you I think but want some thoughts and views. Yes, i understand technology evolves and new stuff will always come out. I have a 2016 fresh facia model s with ap 1. I never bought the autopilot feature but have been thinking about it recently. Last time I check autopilot 1.0 would cost $3000 to activate. My complaint is that all never cars and the "lowely" model 3 come with autopilot 2.0+ for free and activated. Is there any way I can contact Tesla to have autopilot 1.0 be unlocked for ealry adopters there are still many of us out there and we are the reason for all these advancements. Because in a way that $3000 could be used to trade-in for a slightly used model s with autopilot 2.0 so it doesn't make sense. It just does not seem fair to us. Thanks!

2015P90DI | 10 novembre 2019

Tesla doesn't give anything away. AP1 is old news to them. No benefit to them to give it to you for free. They'd much prefer you forked over the money for a new car than keep you happy in your older car.

BTW, 2016 is not an "early adopter". 2016 was the last of the AP1 cars. You're actually one of the latest "adopters" of AP1, even later considering you didn't "adopt" by not buying it. Nor considering Tesla Model S started in 2012, so you were 4 years late to the part to be an "early adopter".

Best of luck to you. AP1 is superior to the basic version of AP included with all new Teslas. If only slightly. It does allow for automatic lane changes. At this point, probably not worth $3,000 as you wouldn't recapture that in the resale market. But, if you're keeping your car for many years to come, then it has Use value to you and may as well get it.

Bighorn | 10 novembre 2019

The cost of the “free” AP happened when they raised the car’s price to pay for it. Holding one’s hand out is unbecoming. What should I demand for my AP 0 car?

rdevdyuk | 10 novembre 2019

@bighorn that is not true because the model s is cheaper now then what i paid for mine

Bighorn | 10 novembre 2019

It's much cheaper than I paid in 2013. The cost came down independent of the $2000 price increase for Model 3 to get a dumbed down EAP for "free. Just like they wrapped in "free" supercharging in early cars. The price is baked in. Pay to play. Others did.

Tropopause | 10 novembre 2019

Technology always gets cheaper with time but the latest tech is prime.

rdevdyuk | 10 novembre 2019

@bighorn curious what model do u have and how many miles

Bighorn | 10 novembre 2019

P85+. 277k miles
P3D- 41k miles

TSLC | 11 novembre 2019

There are lots of things moving in tandem, and that adds complexity.

1. You get more for the roughly same money over time as technology increases. (S/X)
2. Prices were raised relative to the same entry point irrespective of features offered at that time. This has happened with Autopilot and previously with the PuP and other various options.
3. Prices have come down on a number of variants in conjunction with the federal tax incentive phaseout.
4. Interest rates were lower then, with more incentives to buy (Referral discounts, FUSC, referral prizes, large inventory discounts ect.)

If you have no AP currently, AP1 w/ Automatic lane changes and Autopark is superior to the basic AP2 offering on current cars and if you are satisfied with the performance of your vehicle and like it, paying for this is a no brainer. AP1 offers 90% of the most useful AP features at significantly lower cost. EAP was 5K and after redefining FSD it is now 7K to get this same 90%. I see this as roughly a 57% discount for 90% of the features, certainly worth consideration. Some may look at it slightly differently, but Autopark and automatic lane changes do add substantial value over just the cost adjusted/included basic Autopilot on current cars.

If this is not what you are looking for, I'd find an AP2 S private party for sale with EAP active, but this will still likely cost you far more to make this change then simply activating AP1 and falling in love with your car all over again.

Good luck with your decision. | 11 novembre 2019

Depending on the car AP2 has some additional advantages that can never appear on AP1:
- FSD Option
- Smart Summon
- Side collision avoidance
- Dashcam (HW2.5+)
- Sentry mode
- Navigate on Autopilot

I also consider lane changes better on AP2 today, but that's my opinion. In the past AP1 seemed to have a slight advantage.

Now AP1 is still quite good but is quite limited in some ways too with a single camera and sensors that have reduced range over AP2. There will be more future features that will never appear on AP1. It's hard to evaluate the costs, but clearly AP1 is a cheaper way to go if you don't need or want the other features in AP2.

rdevdyuk | 11 novembre 2019

Thank You All