One pedal driving @ V36.2.1

One pedal driving @ V36.2.1

LR RAVEN. Switched to "hold" mode in the new stopping preference @36.2.1 but I'm not sure if one pedal drive is even working. This could be because I'm in cold (Chicago burbs) temperature with regen limited. What is your experience - especially for folks in cold weather areas ? My Model 3 "one-pedal-driving" seems to be working well even when regen is limited .

shinytop | 14 novembre 2019

I love the one pedal driving. The stop is the smoothest I have experienced on a consistent basis. It also works in reverse. Both do require you to learn feathering the accelerator for starting moving without a jerk. Backing up into my driveway was easier with creep but have found feathering the go pedal works fine going over the beginning of the driveway.

Uncle Paul | 14 novembre 2019

Hold is just a new option. Owners can always go back to their previous setting if they do not prefer the new HOLD setting.

It felt strange to me at first, but after some use, I really like it. Have learned to feather the pedal to precisely control the decelleration/stop. Get a little extra regeneration juice and total one pedal driving, unless I need to stop more quickly by using the brake pedal.

Thanks Elon.

wells.gary | 15 novembre 2019

There is no "hold" mode on Model X after latest update (2019-36-21). It works great on my Model 3 but not available on X. What's up?

dan | 15 novembre 2019

I have a 2016 Mx . I’ve gotten several update notices over the last month or so. Each time I get the notice that the update was successful but the notes page is blank. I can’t find anything about one pedal driving in any of the tabs. Is it because mine is an older model?

Bighorn | 15 novembre 2019

Do you have a Raven? If not, that’s why.

lilbean | 15 novembre 2019

@Bighorn Is the one pedal driving only for the Raven?

Bighorn | 15 novembre 2019

I believe it requires the new PM motor.

lilbean | 15 novembre 2019

Thanks, @Bighorn. That was the one thing that was going to get me to update but I won’t be doing that now.

luv4amp | 15 novembre 2019

@redscooter I also have 2019 modelx switched to "hold" with the new updates, one pedal driving does not work for me. I do feel it is because of very limited regen breaking. for me at times I have no regen breaking at all!! I live in Wisconsin.

freemarket | 16 novembre 2019

My Raven MX updated and I don’t drive it yet to see how Hold mode is, but I drove my wife’s 3 all day today. It’s impressive! I really enjoyed it and love that it works even in reverse. So smart! | 17 novembre 2019

@dan - Blank update page seems to be common with cars that have MCU1. I have the same issue as do others. You'll likely notice the web browser is not working as well. Hopefully, it will be fixed in a future update.

Bcbors | 18 novembre 2019

I've done the last 2 updates for the V10 software. I have notice that one-pedal driving has changed. seems the regen is not as strong as it used to be. and slowing down now requires far more braking. I am using standard mode, and have since picking my MX in October. Anyone else having this issue? It does seem to work normally under 25 mph, but letting off the throttle above 30 there is more 'coasting' than normal.

Bcbors | 18 novembre 2019

Hey, sorry no need to reply. I think I have the answer. Denver weather has been cool, to battery is cold, and regen is limited under 68 degrees. Once the battery warms up, and that could be miles in the mountains, it does come back to near summer/fall performance. I'll make sure to surf the forum a bit more first next time.

mark | 19 novembre 2019

My experience with latest update matches others with hold mode - I am on east coast, and while colder than normal, I think it has nothing to do with it - as soon as the latest update applied I noticed much less regenerative breaking above 30 mph as well (both in standard and low modes) - you need to apply the brake.a bit to slow the car down to under 30 for the regenerative braking to really kick in for the car to slow itself. I was using low mode, but switched to standard regenerative braking, with the hold feature - the hold feature is really impressive when bringing the car to a nice, gentle stop (love it actually). Took some getting used to, but now I think I prefer this, although a little extra regenerative braking at speeds over 30 would be a nice touch (hint).

Jpoyth | 24 novembre 2019

I have a June 2018 model x. HW2.5. Will I get one pedal driving when upgrade to 3.0? Or will I never get it because it’s not a Raven?

Bighorn | 24 novembre 2019

Non Ravens do not get it.

Vawlkus | 25 novembre 2019

Not unless they retrofit the front motor.

Still trying to find out if doing so is viable.

pharrison45 | 6 gennaio 2020

I have a 2015 S70D sw version 2019.49.2.3. My vehicle has not received single-pedal driving update. I contacted Tesla customer support. They told me vehicles delivered before May 2018 will not receive this update as the implementation requires the latest computer hardware.

jimglas | 7 gennaio 2020

if you have FSD you will get HW3

Bighorn | 7 gennaio 2020

You need the new Raven with the PM motor for one pedal driving to work. | 7 gennaio 2020

@pharrison - You do realize you're in the X forum :)

FSD only possible on Tesla's made after 1-Oct-2016, so no 1-pedal driving feature for your AP1 car.