Range not showing properly 310 miles vs 322

Range not showing properly 310 miles vs 322

Hey, I just purchased a model 3. LR AWD.

It’s on the latest firmware 2019.36.2.1

It only shows 310 miles of range at 100% charge.Is it not supposed to have a range of 322 miles?

andy.connor.e | 15 novembre 2019

LR AWD should be 310 @ 100% SOC.

Ehlive | 15 novembre 2019

It says 322 on

hokiegir1 | 15 novembre 2019

They haven't released that update.

Ehlive | 15 novembre 2019

I’m so confused - sales rep told me it’s 322. Website says 322.

I bought it 2 days ago.

But it doesn’t do what they say it does? How does that make any sense?

vmulla | 15 novembre 2019

Even if the update is released for LR AWD it might not translate to different numbers on the screen. Many LR RWD owners did not see the range increase after the updates.

sixstring09 | 15 novembre 2019

Miles of range is just an approximate number as actual mileage is affected by weather, speed, braking, road conditions, weight and a whole plethora of variables.

Don't sweat it.

andy.connor.e | 15 novembre 2019

More likely the update has not been pushed yet. Also consider this as i've tried to explain to people for a ease of mind. Gas engines are ~30% efficient, so any amount of external (weather or driving habits) force would not decrease its efficiency by much. Another 10% is 27% efficient now, so you dont really see the effects.

Your Tesla is some 90%+ efficient, so you feel pretty close to the full effects of environmental factors and your driving habits would otherwise have a much greater effect.

And i know what you're topic is about, so its more than likely you did not get the update yet.

FISHEV | 15 novembre 2019

"Is it not supposed to have a range of 322 miles?"@rob.sauter

It should if you purchased after the website updated. If that's the case, drive back. Ask about th4 322 your purchased. If they say you didn't. Hand the keys back to them within your 7 day return period.

All LR AWD's should be upgraded to the 322 since there's not hardware reason for the change.

Bighorn | 15 novembre 2019

Hand it back and agree not to replace it within the next 12 months. Sounds like the plan of a mad man.

If you bought it two days ago, it was an inventory car? Might not have an official 322 mile range.

tanya™ | 15 novembre 2019

Get ready to be shredded.

lbowroom | 15 novembre 2019

Ok, confused about the bought it two days ago statement. When did you order it? What did the order page say about range?

kevin_rf | 16 novembre 2019

I am going to throw this out there, like chum in the ocean....

The 322 miles is the EPA range for the 2020 model year cars. Why would any manufacture back update the range of 2018, 2019 cars with the 2020 value?

While I agree this is most likely software, I would not be surprised if only 2020 cars show the 2020 range. Check your VIN, is it decoding to 2020?

Bighorn | 16 novembre 2019

Except Tesla doesn’t do model years.

Magic 8 Ball | 16 novembre 2019

I don't think anyone here actually has an answer for you but there are several possible explanations. Can you elaborate on "the sales rep told you" part? I never talked to a rep and just ordered on line. | 16 novembre 2019

My got update last night, 100% charged, only showing 303. only had 3500 miles on it.

FISHEV | 16 novembre 2019

"100% charged, only showing 303. only had 3500 miles on it."

The "Rated Range" tends to vary more after the update. You'll see 303 one day and 310 the next.

This topic is a bit different but may apply to you also. Did you buy the car before or after Tesla announced the range increase on the LR AWD M3 to 322 miles?

If before, like the rest of us, you are likely out of luck and Tesla just obsoleted our cars on the most important EV metric, range.

If after, then you should demand that rated range and 100% show 322 miles are your baseline.

FISHEV | 16 novembre 2019

"Except Tesla doesn’t do model years."@Bighorn

Actually all car mfgs. including Tesla use Model years as a legal requirement in the VIN. Current sale Tesla's in 2019 are designated by Tesla as 2020 models as an example.

stingray.don | 16 novembre 2019

Absurd to call 310 miles of range “obsolete”. And there is no information that Tesla will not provide all LR AWD owners with a software update for the increase in range.

FISHEV | 16 novembre 2019

"Absurd to call 310 miles of range “obsolete”. "@stingray.don

But 100% accurate. Why purchase the older car with less range, pretty much defines "planned obsolescence".

Magic 8 Ball | 16 novembre 2019

Absurd to jump to conclusions but rolling improvements happen all the time and they are great. The negative spin that Fish tries to put on everything Tesla is absolutely an agenda against Tesla.

stingray.don | 16 novembre 2019

But 100% accurate. Why purchase the older car with less range, pretty much defines "planned obsolescence".

Still waiting on your evidence that existing owners will not get the range increase

FISHEV | 16 novembre 2019

"Still waiting on your evidence that existing owners will not get the range increase"

Still waiting on evidence pre-Nov 10 owners will get get range increase to 322. Tesla has been silent on it meaning the answer is most likely no otherwise it would have been big announcement vs. the sneak way it was handled.

We do see what look to be 2010 model year owners NOT getting the advertised 322, this thread.

kevin_rf | 16 novembre 2019


They do on the VIN, and have already switched over to 2020 for new models. EPA numbers get registered based on the model year. It is quite possible the range will only get updated for the 2020 VIN's with the new EPA numbers.

I'm not holding out hope on seeing my 100% range bumping up to 322. That said, I do expect to see a real world wh/m improvement based on the efficiency improvements behind being able to achieve 322.

Bighorn | 16 novembre 2019

Historically the VIN designation for Tesla's model year changed around January 1, unlike every other car maker that usually transitions by the summer of the previous year. I don't know what evidence is out there that things are currently different with 2020 VINs on the road in November. They may have anticipatory VINs that will deliver in late December, but it's not a subject that carries meaning nor import for me, so I don't know. I just know that Tesla has eschewed the artificial MY designation as a matter of principle since the beginning.

Bighorn | 16 novembre 2019

If it's the same battery, it's a pretty meaningless metric and certainly won't degrade future value of the vehicle. You all need to not engage with idiots, mud wrestling with pigs as it were.

FISHEV | 16 novembre 2019

"I don't know. "@Bighorn

You should have probably lead with that.

bruryan | 16 novembre 2019

the only realistic way to increase the range is to drive slower or tow the car to the top of a hill.

lbowroom | 16 novembre 2019

fish, you leave an escape clause in every statement you make. try dropping the probably, I think, more likely, and other assorted meaningless statements without any facts to back it up.

MAB1980 | 16 novembre 2019

“Tesla just obsoleted our cars on the most important EV metric, range” -Fish

That word, obsolete, does not mean what you think it means.

Also, I disagree with your “most important metric” decree. They can be no one single most important metric. For example, an EV which can travel 1,000 miles per charge but only has a 6 pound payload is, to me, less useful than one which will travel about 300 miles carrying me and my family.

FISHEV | 16 novembre 2019

"They can be no one single most important metric."@MAB1980

There can and is, it's always been range as single most important metric on EV's.

MAB1980 | 16 novembre 2019

So you personally would prefer an EV that goes farther but you can’t fit inside? I doubt it.

Pedantic? Perhaps; I prefer nuanced.

lbowroom | 16 novembre 2019

Where’s the OP?

howard | 16 novembre 2019

Even after the update older cars will not miraculously have the full 322. Depending on charge cycles you will have less. My rated 302 miles has never been 302 since new. Mine is Losing about 1.25 miles per month. Guessing it is in the normal battery loss range. If it is a concern you should take it back as suggested. Maybe they can force the update and you might have 322 for the first charge downhill from there. Guaranteed

Bighorn | 16 novembre 2019

My range went from 299 to 307 and it’s a P, so no firmware update to extend range to explain that. Moral: the range doesn’t inexorably go down.

howard | 16 novembre 2019

The batteries have a loss function per charge regardless of the indicated range. There is no Miracle loss free battery yet. My year old 15,000 mile P has less range than it did new. it will control be less with miles and time. Tesla might be accessing more of the battery reserve to pump up the indicated range but it is still less than it would have been new.

NKYTA | 16 novembre 2019

The entire Model 3 forum needs to go to battery school.

Oh my.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 16 novembre 2019

rob.sauter: So. You drove 300+ miles each of the two past days and got stranded, twice? Please, do give us details of how you were so horribly inconvenienced. Don't forget to include excruciating levels of detail. Don't forget the part about entirely ignoring the 'CHARGE NOW' warning for twenty or forty miles each time.

Y'know... WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW, WHY... That sort of stuff. Thanks.

MAB1980 | 16 novembre 2019

"They can be no one single most important metric."@MAB1980

There can and is, it's always been range as single most important metric on EV's.@Fish

Pray tell, if range is the single most important metric, why don’t you drive a model s?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 17 novembre 2019

MAB1980: Also, if it is 'the most important metric' among EVs, then why did he spend so much time defending the 204 mile EPA range of the AUDI eTron earlier this year...? I seem to remember him stating something like 'range isn't everything ... there are other, more important metrics' and whatnot. I won't be reading his posts concerning the Ford Mach E, though I'm sure he can't wait to promote its styling, interior volume, luxury environs while studiously ignoring that its actual EPA range is far lower than Ford's leaked estimates. ;-)

alisse | 17 novembre 2019

Charged my car LR RWD to 100% this AM as I'm about to depart for a long trip. Indicator is showing 317 miles. My car theoretically should be at 325 (on 2019.36.2.1) so not sure if this is degradation or calculation error. But it's also 7 more miles than the advertised range when I purchased it in 2018, so no complaints from me.

kevin_rf | 17 novembre 2019

Alisse, sunspots

alisse | 17 novembre 2019

@kevin_rf Ha. Localized entirely to in my garage.

tanya™ | 17 novembre 2019

Charged my car to 90% last time, it showed 255 miles; yesterday it showed 257. If this continues I’ll get back to 279 at 90% eventually.

jebinc | 17 novembre 2019


Re your OP. It's possible you purchased a 2019 and not 2020, although, I'm not sure there is anything mechanically different in the 2020 (what's advertised on the Tesla Web site) that would give the 2020 more range - more likely software; software not yet released.

Suggestion: Have this conversation with Tesla rep that told you your car would be delivered with a 322 mile range. If you are not happy with the answer, and this temporary loss of 12 miles of range is a "deal breaker," you have seven days from taking delivery to return the car for a full refund. No one here has a LR AWD rated at 322 miles, IIRC.

Magic 8 Ball | 17 novembre 2019

"you have seven days from taking delivery to return the car for a full refund."

I believe this is only true if you have not taken a test or demo drive with Tesla first.