Hold Mode Brake Drag at low speeds

Hold Mode Brake Drag at low speeds

Does anyone else brake drags at crawling speeds when in hold mode? Especially when trying to move from a stop? At first I though it was in my mind and that I was just getting used to the new mode but ...

When I was driving at a shopping center that had freshly topped asphalt I noticed the sound of loud tire scrubbing at the front tires even as I was trying to accelerate from a stop and while crawling around the lot. I changed it to mode rolling and the sound went away. Turned it back on and again it came back. It was loud enough that people close by turned to look at at my car.

It does concern me that the system could be dragging the brakes at low speeds, meaning tire wear and brake wear. It felt like it was doing it before, which I dismissed it before but now it would appear that it is riding the brakes even during acceleration.

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 16 novembre 2019

Send a bug report to Tesla and schedule a service appointment. Better to have it checked out now than to wait and let it get worse. Also, take a video to show them as evidence. You know, Murphy's Law, you'll bring it in and it won't have the problem.