Nervous about purchase

Nervous about purchase

Hi Model X folks!

I'm a Model 3 owner and a friend of mine has a Model X on order, but he has a few concerns.

The first one was the fire that happened recently where the police officer didn't break the window. I think he understands that there's a risk with all cars, and that vehicle was in a high speed collision. Nobody seems to understand why the police didn't break the window. I understand the emotional reaction to the situation, and so does he.

The real concern at this point is quality control for the Model X. I had the initial punch list of items for my Model 3 when I got it a year ago. Tesla handled it very well. I then had a blemish I found about 6 m months after delivery that Tesla handled extremely well with Mobile service.

His concern in the quality department is what he's been reading online. I think we all know that the satisfied folks, don't write posts complaining. For the folks that had deliveries of the project Raven Model X, what have your experiences been like?

The nagging issue he has is regarding delivery timeline. They're quoting him a day in December, and saying they can't be flexible beyond like 24-48 hours or the have to release the car and re-order. My perspective is two fold. 1) I haven't seen certainty in delivery dates more than two weeks out. They seem to be estimates from what I've read, and my own experience a year ago. 2) they'll change their tune as soon as the car shows up on the lot and they're looking to get it delivered.

Thoughts? General quality issues of the Project Raven Model X? Delivery date flexibility?

Thanks in advance. He'd have posted, but can't with the verified owner rules. I've expressed that yes, there are problems, but almost everyone I've talked with loves the vehicles.

freemarket | 20 novembre 2019

I received my MX at the end of September of this year.

I also have had my model 3 since March of 18. I also own a Model S, since December 14.

There have been quality issues of all the cars, but as you said it, service has handled most issues extremely well.

I asked to pick mine up at the service center in Denver as apposed to having it hauled down to my home; a 5 hour drive. They were extremely flexible and pickup was a breeze.

I agree with your two comments regarding delivery.

Tesla is a growing company and managing every Type A personality that just wants what they want and great communication along with it isn't what you should expect from Tesla at this point. Politely asking for an update once a week isn't unreasonable, but most of the specialists are bogged down with today's deliveries, not a car that's 2 weeks out. Becoming the squeaky wheel during this time to get what you want slows down everything for everyone else with earlier delivery dates. Once your car is up, 2,3,4 weeks, which ever it might be, it'll likely be a great experience once you're up in the queue. That's at least what I've seen on the forum mostly. Yes, I agree there is are a lot on to complain, more than to just rave.

As to the MX Raven, I have had a rattle that is driving me nuts in the rear seat compartment and a few loose or pinched wires on both drivers side and passenger doors. One caused for a fail of the auto present drivers side, the other failed on an off to open the falcon wing door because it believed an obstacle was present when it was not. It is all fixed, with the exception of the rattle, but that should be taken care of early next week.

I'd encourage anyone to make nice and be generous to the service guys, especially the rangers. Acting like a spoiled brat will never get you quicker service at Tesla and if it does, it'll likely be temporary. I'm sure they document experience with owners so others know who they are dealing with.

In my experience now on the MX, I think the service is actually better than what I was getting on the M3. It's been comparable to the service I've gotten on the Model S. When you think of the price points I think Tesla does a fair job of making sure the higher priced cars nearing $100k and over get a little added attention. It makes sense.

I am enjoying the MX and do not regret the purchase. I still love to drive my MS and my wife's 3. The suspension is just so good in the MX. Driving it is amazing and such an experience.

dynabe | 21 novembre 2019

I have had my X in for service every month since I bought it. Most recently (the car is 2 years old) we are replacing our 2nd front ball joint and the seals for the falcon wings are dry rotting.
There are a lot of quality issues with the MX and my impression has been not satisfactory.

rdmdrd | 21 novembre 2019

I’m getting ready to return my current X and replace with another X.

Current X - 3 years old. Zero maintenance cost over the 3 years. Had a few software/firmware issues early on but resolved by Tesla and always with a no cost loaner vehicle. Also a couple of issues with window seals and Pirelli tires. The later replaced at no cost.

Waiting on delivery time for new X. It was a tough decision but due to reliability, no maintenance costs and necessary 6 seats with decent cargo space, I went with the Tesla again without much excitement. I do wish that they had done an interior makeover and added more necessary tech, luxury and safety options for the newer model. In some sense, I feel Tesla went backwards with the faux leather interior and limited interior color options. I’m being told by Tesla online delivery specialists that I should have the vehicle by mid to end December.

Weston X90D | 22 novembre 2019

Buy the car

Will it be perfect - No
Will it have problems - Yes

Will you love it... yes unless your the type that cant sleep trying to figure our if your batteries vampire drain is more than others, and possibly your car is for sure HW 2.5 but there's a small chance you got 2.0 and even smaller chance you got 3.0.. So you call like 3 dealerships to double check but the sales people all give you different answers so your totally confused and mad. BTW I never did this.

bp | 23 novembre 2019

Forums have a tendency to overemphasis the negative experiences of a few customers. If there were many customers experiencing serious problems, the forums would be swamped with "me too" and horror stories - which hasn't happened.

For all manufacturers, there is a small percentage of vehicles that have problems. As Tesla has ramped up production, the number of those problem vehicles would increase, even if the percentage is very small.

We've had our X since June 2018, and it has required significantly less service than the ICE's we've replaced. The most significant issue we currently have with our 2017 S and 2018 X is the well publicized yellow banding around the outside of the console display - they both need the UV treatment to cure the adhesive. Otherwise, both vehicles are working great - and we wouldn't hesitate to purchase another Tesla (have already placed $100 down for a Cybertruck).

As for the deliveries, Tesla is transitioning to a more efficient delivery system - where they're trying to reduce the amount of staff needed to support the increasing number of deliveries, and we should expect this transition to hit a few snags until they get everything smoothed out. Basically, once the vehicle is ready for delivery - they want it delivered, which could pose challenges if this delivery window occurs at a time when the customer isn't able to accept delivery (out of town or other commitments).

Could Tesla do better on customer support, service and deliveries - YES - and that's what they are trying to do. It's just going to take some time to get this all worked out - and get the experience back to the level Tesla had prior to the Model 3 production ramp-up.

So for the OP's friend, some concern is warranted - but once they get the vehicle delivered, even if the delivery process isn't as smooth as it could be, the friend will likely quickly forget that and enjoy driving a great car...

dynabe | 23 novembre 2019

I don't thing the customer support has gotten better since we took delivery of the vehicle in 2017. The are swamped with service and you typically wait 7-14 days before you can be taken in for service on your vehicle.
We have spent over 5K out of pocket on service of the car and it is a little over 2 years old.
You could have a perfect experience like some say, or you could have a not so perfect experience like me. Who knows. The problems we have mainly had include:
2 Ball Joints going bad
Falcon doors being stuck and having to replace hinges
Front doors hinges having to be replaced
Seals on the top of the car have dry rotted
MCU has been replaced - That's the main dash computer
Paint rubs on doors
Blind assist Cameras have filled up with water
Tail lights filled up with water

Is it fun to drive? Yes - Can you deal with the details on a 100$K Car like this?

freemarket | 23 novembre 2019

what expenses did you have out of pocket for $5k dynabe?

mbp11 | 23 novembre 2019

I have a July 2018 MX, 5 seat 100D and I have had no problems. Once the Holiday Easter Egg display stopped working, and the level 2 charging capability stopped working but it was fixed by a simple software upgrade. Had trouble having the enhanced antitheft device getting installed because of scheduling and the unknown factor of how long it was going to take (afternoon, one day, or three days) but once I dropped the car off, it only took the day and it was ready to be picked up again. I suppose I should take it in for an annual checkup and tire rotation, but I have to find the time.

Mike P

jimglas | 24 novembre 2019

I have a June 2018 100D. I have had $0 expenses. Other than some touchup paint for a few rock dings)
The time we messed up the wipers in the carwash, they repaired for free.

Stankfish | 24 novembre 2019

I have a April 2016 model x. A few minor problems over the years but no out of pocket costs other than new tires when under warranty. Only expense so far out of warranty was for a new 12 volt battery which wasn’t much and a new door latch which was about $500.

Not bad for a car this complex. Certainly has been much cheaper to maintain than the Jaguar xk8 I used to have. No plans of parting with it anytime soon. I hope to keep it long enough to put at least a 1/4 million miles on it if all goes well

TD2614 | 24 novembre 2019

Tesla service is horrible. We have a punch list of 9 items to fix when we picked up our MX in September of this year. we've been trying to schedule for a service ever since. Tesla called to cancel the 1st appointment due to unavailable parts. We brought the car in for the 2nd appointment a month later, but found out that they still didn't have the parts. Ever since, We've been waiting patiently for another appointment from Tesla service. No email or text response for more than a month already. Who knows when we'll get our list fixed! Good car, but horrible service!!! Through this experiences, we canceled our solar order.

dynabe | 25 novembre 2019

Out of pocket so far:
Front end ball joint - (creaking noise) - $500
Rear Door latch/Motr - $500
Drive assist camera - $150
All 4 Annual services in 17 months - right before they said you don't need annual service anymore - $4k
Tires - (Going to have to buy these any ways - 4 x $350)
Roof Falcon Wing seals - $2500- Total crap for Florida btw
Front ball joint - 2nd replacement - no accidents - no off roading - $1000
We have owned the car for a little over 28 Months- So expensive in maintenance!!!

freemarket | 25 novembre 2019

@ dynabe - I put 50k - 60k miles on my Model S in less than 24 months and was frustrated that they charged me $800 for a new door handle motor after the bumper to bumper warranty ran out due to miles. I did not buy any additional maintenance warranty option that they had back in late 2014 when I first bought it. That being said, I’m surprised you had so many out of pocket expenses. You must be driving the heck out of your MX. It’s hard to believe most of those repairs in your list wouldn’t be covered during the first couple of years of ownership.

GoneSailing | 27 novembre 2019

Thanks for all the input. Truly appreciate the time from everyone.

khalid.a.mufti | 27 novembre 2019

@freemarket - what did Tesla do to fix the rattle in the rear? I believe I have that as well but adjusting the middle row seats seems to help reduce for a while.

I also seem to have some squeaking from the driver seatbelt holder on the pillar. Anyone have that?

Other than that so far loving my Raven Model X.

freemarket | 29 novembre 2019

@Khalid - My Tesla ranger said he found a known issue on the rattle, but it’ll be done next week. I’ll let you know what he says. Moving the seat does help, for a while. Other times not at all. I’ll let you know

nukequazar | 29 novembre 2019

@dynabe, did you run out your 50k mile warranty quickly?

nukequazar | 29 novembre 2019

@GoneSailing, what is this story about police not breaking the window with the fire?

GoneSailing | 1 dicembre 2019

Search for Model S fire doorhandle in the googles.

dynabe | 5 dicembre 2019

Yes I ran the 50k in about 20 months. We are at 78k atm.
So I guess the extended warranty:
it costs 4k
there is a 100 deductible for each appointment
If I had the warranty , the latest repairs would have been covered - totally around 4k, so its kind of break even?
The car is so young. I am really stuck between getting rid of it - estimated trade in of 48k or sell it private for 55-60k?
I told the dealership, why would I buy another one if this is the stuff that's going to incur along the way, and the service is like woah.

khalid.a.mufti | 25 dicembre 2019

@freemarket - any update?

dynabe | 27 dicembre 2019

Cruise Control and all driver assist features quit working out of nowhere today.
Waiting on estimated cost of repair
Something wrong with this car every month.

jimglas | 28 dicembre 2019


freemarket | 2 gennaio 2020

@khalid sorry for the long overdue reply. Due to re scheduling on my end, I don’t get into Tesla service now until next Friday in El Paso to replace my windshield. Terrible winter roads in New Mexico, never seen it this bad.

The rattle is still there. I have however put a 30 lb weight on the floor sitting at the base of the 2nd seat rail attached to the bench seat on the passenger side (Benchseat is in full back position, weight sits partially in and out of the track). That’s actually where my rattle is. Move the weight, rattle comes right back. So - I’m not sure the previous belief that this is a “known issue” is what mine falls under, but am I happy to have solved the mystery!!! Albeit temporarily.

Wishing you better luck and less rattles in 2020. ;-)

I’ll follow back around after my visit if there is any good intel to share.

khalid.a.mufti | 7 gennaio 2020

@freemarket - thanks for the update. Yes hoping for a rattle free 2020 :) Let me know what the SC finds.