Tesla App V 3.10.2

Tesla App V 3.10.2

I just updated the Tesla app to V 3.10.2. It now shows the anticipated range as you adjust the slider, which is nice. Interestingly, as I move the slider around my range at 100% varies between 307 and 311 miles.

Edit: just noticed that the slider displays percentage or mileage depending on how you have the display set.

m3muse | 26 novembre 2019

Yep, thanks. Nice feature. Mine shows 306 at 100%.

ElectricAlex | 26 novembre 2019

Huh? iPhone running 3.10.2 and do not see what you mention.

ElectricAlex | 26 novembre 2019

BTW, hardware 2.5, in case that is germane

stingray.don | 26 novembre 2019

Go to the charging screen and move the slider. You should see mileage or % in the lower left corner of the battery display.

ElectricAlex | 26 novembre 2019

Interesting, now it shows what you are talking about. Is Tesla monitoring this forum after all and updating in background?

Big Brother come to life.

M3phan | 26 novembre 2019

My former 315-322 full charge now estimated to 298. Woohoo!!!!
Go Estimator!!!

M3phan | 26 novembre 2019

Cooler weather. 5% power boosting. The former likely, the latter definitely.
; )

brscpo | 27 novembre 2019

How can someone change from percentage to miles?

I'm using the latest Tesla app 3.10.2 on iOS13.2.3 with my 2 week old Model 3 and can not find the option.

Understanding that percentage is a much more reliable number than miles, having miles would help with my newbie range anxiety. My daily commute is about 175 miles.


shank15217 | 27 novembre 2019

in the menu

hokiegir1 | 27 novembre 2019

@bescpo - You can't change it from the app -- only from the car.

brscpo | 27 novembre 2019

@hokiegir1 - thank you ... where on the menus of the touchscreen?

derotam | 27 novembre 2019

@brscpo, it is under the Display Tab in the car...scroll down and you will see the toggle.

WardT | 27 novembre 2019

My 3/2018 LR M3 with 20k miles is at 309 miles. I’ve charged it to max twice. Normally charge to 70-80% after dropping to about 30% every 3-4 days. FWIW: I’ve charged it 163 times total with 10 of the charges at a SC and the balance at my home 240V charger. I don’t put a lot of faith in the battery range as a measure of battery health.

Joshan | 27 novembre 2019

that is just extrapolating the guess-o-meter. Not a good source of battery health or degradation.

brscpo | 27 novembre 2019

@hokiegir1 and @derotam - Thank you Thank you Thank you. My range anxiety is cured!

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 27 novembre 2019

Mine shows 286 miles for 100%, but I just charged today to 90% 289, miles. (LR RWD)
Guess-o-meter is a good name for it.