Do you use and trust autopilot?

Do you use and trust autopilot?

Love my 2 month old car and all the features. I have tried autopilot several times for a minute or two but then manually take over. A little nervous as to will the car stop, etc. I am planning a small trip from Fort Mill, SC to Savannah GA,and then one to Boca Raton, FL. Deep down I would really like to use Autopilot and looking for some assurance from those of you who use it often.

Does AP work as advertised? Looking forward to hearing your reviews.

teslamazing | 27 novembre 2019

Oh and 100% never listen to fish. He or she has lost all credibility on these forums.

FISHEV | 27 novembre 2019

Much of AP is “Beta”, kind of like trusting your data to Windows Vista except in the car you are trusting your life.

“Cruise control is Beta” Pg 78
“AutoSteer is Beta” Pg 84

teslamazing | 27 novembre 2019

See how the person keeps going on and on and on attempting to spread FUD.

lbowroom | 27 novembre 2019

“Kind of like”

In what way?

teslamazing | 27 novembre 2019

“except in the car you are trusting your life”

Safest car in the WORLD.

FISHEV | 27 novembre 2019

“Safest car in the WORLD.“@Hp1193

That’s CRASH testing.

Idea behind AP is AVOID CRASHING.

Two different things.

teslamazing | 27 novembre 2019

Why did you state “ except in the car you are trusting your life ”

Isn’t there an article that states there’s LESS chance of getting into an accident with AP on vs not

lbowroom | 27 novembre 2019

His facts are correct, they just imply something that’s not. The point is to avoid, heDoesn’t say it doesn’t and it does that too!

FISHEV | 27 novembre 2019

I’m sure Lane Keeping warning 1 out of 10 times is safer than 0-10. That’s how trustworthy AP is.

lbowroom | 27 novembre 2019

Fish is a misdirection machine

NKYTA | 27 novembre 2019

The difference from 2 years ago to my wife’s 3 is quite staggering.

Level 5 nope. Level 4 possible. Rain and snow will be tough to beat.

teslamazing | 27 novembre 2019

1 out of 10 times..

Please state facts if your gonna argue and stop all this exaggerating nonsense.

lbowroom | 27 novembre 2019

No matter what you say or how you word it, lane keep is not an AP feature. Cars without any autopilot have lane keep. If you choose to only use TACC and don’t center the car in the lane, it will be more likely to think adjacent cars are a threat and auto brake to protect you.

lbowroom | 27 novembre 2019

Tap down twice and use AP as intended

teslamazing | 27 novembre 2019

Fish is an idiot. What’s new.

lbowroom | 27 novembre 2019

He’s not an idiot. Careful misdirection. Have to dissect every phrase from what it actually says to what its meant to imply.

nwfan | 28 novembre 2019

Local driving NO. Will not stop at stop signs or
red lights. Dangerous to use on local streets IMHO.

Freeway and divided highways all the time.

RJMIII | 28 novembre 2019

I have almost 38k miles on my LR RWD M3. Probably 35k have been on autopilot due to my commute. I live a half mile from the on ramp, drive highways for 44 miles and then work a half mile from the off ramp.

I have to take over at toll exchanges and I leave it on confirmation lane change to skip moving in and out of passing lane, out of the right lane when my Exit is coming up and moving right to “faster” lane. There are occasionally other circumstances when I interfere but overall it is a big help. I really like it on long road trips on interstates.

Bighorn | 28 novembre 2019


Taffy | 28 novembre 2019

I always use it on the interstate and it works great. On 2 lane roads I use cruise control only.
You do have to pay attention, but when traveling I can enjoy the scenery a little more when I'm
in auto. There are quirks but I love it....

FISHEV | 28 novembre 2019

"it will be more likely to think adjacent cars are a threat and auto brake to protect you."@lbowroom

You describe AP malfunctioning which it does frequently. Driver has to be aware and ready to hit the accelerator to prevent being rear ended or causing an accident as other drivers react to the unexpected behavior.

Magic 8 Ball | 28 novembre 2019

"Driver has to be aware"

Yes, that is a requirement for driving all cars, anymore wisdom?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 28 novembre 2019

I have verified that Trolls cannot be trusted to be honest or truthful regarding Tesla, Autopilot, or FSD.

AstroSteve | 28 novembre 2019

I use TACC and Auto-steer (AP) 95% of the time I am on Interstate roads and TACC alone on many other occasions. When one pedal driving was added, I enabled it and find it so much better, it just took a few miles to get used to how it comes on.
Roads in New Jersey are well used and there are places I drive where the lane markers are worn down and care is needed. Sometimes lighting and road curves and elevation changes combine to make the lane tracker sometimes alert. Other times merging trucks to the right seem to kick the radar into thinking I am on a collision course with them and apply the brakes when not needed.
Worst part of AP is in passing. I trigger it with the turn signal and it works well almost all the time. Problem arises when the car being passed is only a little below the set speed. AP accelerates to the set speed to pass. Vehicles in the left lane are often moving way faster and I have to punch it to complete the pass reasonably. The turn signal triggered lane change is also lethargic, so in busy traffic I take over and complete the pass off AP and resume AP. Tesla needs to work on that.
Overall, trust but verify. I always keep alert and find the system works well. I have FSD but not HW3. Looking forward to the hardware and software upgrades. Not sure I will ever trust FSD. But I will give it a try under controlled conditions.
Had I bought the car a few weeks later I would have TACC and AP without having spent $5k. For most driving, that is all that is needed.

Mike83 | 28 novembre 2019

For both our MS and M3 my wife and I have been using EAP, have FSD for over 2 years. Approximately 60000 miles. Saved us from fender benders and has not only made trips safer but much less stressful. The NaVonAP gets us off the freeway by itself and Lane changes beats drivers.
And it has been getting even better with OTA updates.
Drivers only have two eyes with only 120 degree views. Our Teslas see 360 degrees with warnings of potential accidents.
It is a paradigm shift. Our insurance rates are 40% lower.
Letting go of control is hard for some

apodbdrs | 28 novembre 2019

@ronbandel, for best first time experience , preset distance to 7, engage AP on a straight road in the middle of lanes, not close to an on-ramp by gently tapping the right stock two times. Blue indicator AP icon will show left top of screen. Use the right stock scroll wheel to increase or decrease speed and to let car know you are still there. It beats having to squeeze wheel every time the "hands of wheel" alert comes up. Keep hands gently on wheel at all times, don't panic. To disengage AP, tap right stock upwards gently, or step of the brake. Do it several times to get the hang of using AP. It is a little nerve wrecking the first couple of times, but so was first time driving.

lbowroom | 28 novembre 2019

Never have to squeeze the wheel, there are no squeeze sensors. What it requires is a slight rotational force. Turn against the resistance. Usually the weight of your hands on the wheel is enough and the nag never comes up.

apodbdrs | 28 novembre 2019

@lbowroom, is correct! I use it so much it has just become normal, don't even have to think about it.

apodbdrs | 28 novembre 2019

I don't understand @FISHEV's comments? First he says no, then he say yes! What is he on? LOCO WEED?????

ronbandel | 28 novembre 2019

Thanks to all of you who have shared your views on using AP. Most were very positive. What a great group of Tesla owners helping others. Happy Thanksgiving.

Sarah R | 28 novembre 2019

nwfan | November 28, 2019
Local driving NO. Will not stop at stop signs or
red lights.

Having taken delivery yesterday, and being under flash flood watch in Southern California, I had much time to, ahem, "RTFM". Its actually quite clear, with a separate warning, that Autopilot won't stop at stop signs or red lights. It will warn you about them when it detects and recognizes them, actually stopping is up to you.

Of course, the manual is also very clear that Autopilot is intended for user only on limited use roads with on-ramps and off-ramps.

"Feature complete" FSD is still "coming soon" but I have no doubt that as Tesla owners, we'll see it before anyone else.

FISHEV | 28 novembre 2019

"that Autopilot won't stop at stop signs or red lights. It will warn you about them when it detects and recognizes them, actually stopping is up to you."

Recognizing stop signs and red lights is Tesla's "FSD" not Tesla's "AP".

steveishere | 28 novembre 2019

Most of the time in freeway, rarely in local.

I don't trust it for complicate maneuvers like large curves or construction zones, but do trust it for simplier tasks like keep speed/distance, lane centering, lane change (at light/medium traffic)... etc.

Sarah R | 28 novembre 2019

You are absolutely correct on that point, @FISHEV. But I fail to see how that invalidates my response to the specific poster that I was addressing, since he was obviously referring to FSD by mentioning it in the first place. Granted, the OP who created this thread asked about Autopilot and did not mention FSD. However, since FSD is a superset of Autopilot, discussion here is appropriate.

So in case I need to state my point plainly, here it is:

Read the fine manual.

It will put you exactly in the right frame of mind to understand what your car is capable of. It will also help you to understand what the dizzying array of features and settings are and what they do. Then you can decide just how much проверяй (verify) you need with that доверяй (trust).

In the interim, I invite everyone, but @FISHEV in particular, to a manual reading party. Let's each of us go out to our own Teslas, read the manual and be sure to scroll down through all of the features. Who knows, we all might find something we didn't know was there!

eztider | 28 novembre 2019

I bought my Model S (with Autopilot) in June 2015. After 44K miles I traded it for my Model 3 (with EAP) and now it has 22K miles on it. So I've watched and used Autopilot for over 60K miles and I've seen it improve from something that was barely usable to a feature that is quite capable for the tasks I want it to handle. It's great for stop-and-go driving, times when I'm distracted fiddling with the radio or eating a snack, backing me up when it's o' dark 30 and I'm tired and generally making highway driving at times effortless.

Like many here I love driving the car so Autopilot for me has never been about replacing me or doing it better than I can or even driving the way I like to drive. But what it does do for me it does well and is getting better and in that sense I trust it, but I'm always watching it and ready to take over. I've seen enough to know that's it's best to be vigilant when using evolving software.

FISHEV | 28 novembre 2019

"Granted, the OP who created this thread asked about Autopilot and did not mention FSD. However, since FSD is a superset of Autopilot, discussion here is appropriate."@SarahR

Discussion is certainly appropriate and I think the OP meant Tesla's branded "FSD" not Tesla's branded "AP", Folks are confusing AP with FSD which is understandably as Tesla does the same.

teslamazing | 28 novembre 2019

U confused lane keep warning with AP, no?

Check yourself before wrecking yourself.

ODWms | 28 novembre 2019

Its a work in progress, as we all already know. I used it on a round trip to Miami last week, and I've seen some improvements over, say, earlier this year when I took the same trip. But still not something I'd use all the time. It'll definitely get there.

coselectric | 28 novembre 2019

Dear OP,

Ignore FiSHEV, he appears to be a paid troll intent on polluting this forum with misinformation.

AP works great, I use it all the time, and I miss it greatly when driving my non-Tesla vehicles. It isn't perfect, and you still need to pay attention while driving, but it is a very useful and enjoyable feature. I have experienced a few false positives where it breaks where it shouldn't, but if you're paying attention you can override it easily with the accelerator or by taking it out of AP mode. I have never experienced a situation where it steered or accelerated dangerously. It has on at least one occasion detected sudden braking by the vehicles in front of me and potentially saved my butt by decelerating my vehicle sooner and preventing the situation from cascading to the vehicles behind me. It's fantastic for stop-and-go traffic and turns a miserable drive into a more relaxing and enjoyable one.

jefjes | 28 novembre 2019

Use it but treat it as you would when teaching a teenager to drive. What will really be happening, it will be teaching you how it drives for you and you will become used to its way of driving and become comfortable of when you prefer to take over or not. It's one of the best features of the car so you'll learn to love it. Trust is a big word but I'll add that I watchfully trust it and use it most of the time within the limits I feel comfortable with.

thedrisin | 28 novembre 2019

TACC and Autosteer do well in stop and go traffic and open freeways and only time I use AP. My normal ocal highway traffic has high volume of vehicles and aggressive drivers and AP does not work well for me. I usually end up quickly taking over. I often don't like the lane change suggestions. Due to the high volume, I have to anticipate when to get over for upcoming off ramps and when there will be an opening on the entry ramps. It takes more energy to supervise AP in these conditions than drive myself.

NKYTA | 28 novembre 2019

Yes/Yes on freeways and most highways

bakshir66 | 29 novembre 2019

It would be good to see online statistics on FSD/Autopilot driving - what percentage is FSD/normal driving for the car. I use FSD/Autopilot for 80-90% of my driving, even in the city driving. It is more relaxing for me. Once the car begins to respond to traffic lights, driving will become, what I call, 'passenger driving'.

noleaf4me | 29 novembre 2019

Works great most of the time - but the lanes in GA are notoriously poorly marked so you need to be alert.

The constant bugging -- touch the wheel -- is a bit of a pain but I get it -- I just wish it would go off a little less frequently.

coselectric | 29 novembre 2019

@noleaf4me, Luddite Senator Ed Markey disagrees with you about autopilot nags:

@OP, the moral is, don't stick an orange in your steering wheel or you'll make Senator Markey upset. (I wonder whose pocket he's in...)

SalisburySam | 29 novembre 2019

Previously: yes/yes.

Now: no/no.

I thought v32.2.2 had finally resolved the phantom braking issue with TACC as it almost never happened during my 11 days on that version. The car updated to v36.2.1 and phantom braking came back with a vengeance. In addition, navigation searches cannot find destinations...ANY destination. And while driving, the screen once went entirely black. Two-scroll-wheel-reboot brought the screen back but the other problems persist. Lots of bug reports.

Last night the car updated to v36.2.3; I hope that overcomes these issues.

I know I’ve hammered the vehicle in these fora for the annoyance of phantom braking (PB), and I continue to do so. When it happens with my wife in the car it reinforces what is becoming abject hatred for the vehicle. She refuses to drive it, is afraid of it, and has cancelled her order for a Y because of PB as she would never put up with it. For me, I’m very much disappointed that PB is apparently not solvable rendering TACC useless, at least when I have passengers. And if you can’t use TACC, you can’t use any of the other EAP/FSD features either.

I so wish the TA features could be turned off and still use dumb cruise control. Bad turn of events here.

gparrot | 29 novembre 2019

SalisburySam, I feel for you! Been there, done that. Your wife and mine should get together for coffee and handgun training (cuz my wife would LOVE to put the 3 out of its misery).

sbeggs | 29 novembre 2019

Now that is funny!

Magic 8 Ball | 29 novembre 2019

Any dashcam videos of the PB?

yudansha™ | 29 novembre 2019

@ Hp.1193
Please explain how you use autopilot 100%.