One way speed limit issues

One way speed limit issues

Has anyone else run into this one? There’s a street near my home which, if I enter it and turn south, properly shows up as having a 50mph speed limit. But if I turn north on the same road, it shows up, incorrectly, with a 40 mph speed limit. And that 40 sticks, even miles later, as I pass one 50 mph sign after another.

I’ve done a “bug report, incorrect speed limit” report several times. But I can only imagine someone looking at the database and saying “nope, looks fine.”

Unfortunately, my family is along the north route, so I run into this issue all the time.

Pg3ibew | 28 novembre 2019

It happens. The system is not perfect. I have seen it on certain roads, where thevspeed limits do nit match.

walnotr | 28 novembre 2019

It happens frequently. It apparently is a discrepancy between google maps and the real world. I doubt there will be much effort put in to updating the errors with sign recognition coming up.