Tesla Energy Creating Supercharging Credits

Tesla Energy Creating Supercharging Credits

I am curious whether Tesla has looked at converting Tesla Energy power into credits for Tesla car owners' supercharging account...

Here's the proposition:

I create energy using Tesla Power panels on my roof. Currently, this feeds to the PGE power grid with all its complications of pricing, buyback, etc

Instead, Tesla could take all the energy I create (by working it out with PGE) and put it into my Tesla Supercharger account.


- my roof is then my supercharger

- I can avoid all PGE interactions

- Pricing of power can cheaper for both Tesla and me, by cutting out the middleman (PGE)


rfactor | 2 dicembre 2019

Good thinking, potentially good idea. If you can get one kWh from the supercharger in exchange for one kWh from your roof, then Tesla is acting like a big, portable battery for you for free.

If they’re not willing to do it one for one, then, in effect, you’ve got a new, different middleman. You’d have to look at the loss ratio, if any, and decide if it’s worthwhile.