model 3 SR+ battery charging issues

model 3 SR+ battery charging issues

My SR+ is having issue lately. I normally charge to 80% and since the max range is 240 miles, I expect to get 192 miles. But that number has been going down hill lately. When I first got the car 6 month ago, 80% give me 192 miles and then started going down to 184 miles, 182 miles and now 174 miles.

My car is very new and only has around 3K+ miles. Is the battery going bad already? Has anyone experience this issue on their SR+?


WW_spb | 5 dicembre 2019

Your battery is fine.

Joshan | 5 dicembre 2019

Read this response from Tesla on the non-issue here.

Bighorn | 5 dicembre 2019

It’ll get better in the spring. First child syndrome.

Pg3ibew | 5 dicembre 2019

Junk the car. It is shit.

FISHEV | 5 dicembre 2019

9% Range loss is a bit steep for 6 months/3,000 miles.

Tesla sometimes tells people to do a deep discharge followed by a 100% charge to "re calibrate the software". You can try that to see what Tesla tells you is your rated range at 100% battery capacity. That will give you an idea of your battery degradation to date.

StatsApp for Tesla has a nice Battery Degradation curve it gets from the car and another app that does a comparison of your car to other Model 3's.

Here's a screen shot of my Battery Degradation curve per Tesla

Here's a screen shot of where my car is vs. other cars "with similar odometer values".

ryan.theprofessional | 22 gennaio 2020

Are you in a colder climate by chance?