Autopilot warnings

Autopilot warnings

When using autopilot on motorways, I get frequent warnings to keep my hands on the wheel - despite having both hands constantly on the wheel at the "ten-to-two" position.

When in that position, holding the wheel firmly, I let my arms hang in order to offer the required resistance, but that does not seem to be recognised.

However, when I hold the wheel lightly, with one hand only, at "five-o'clock", so that the weight of my arm is mostly supported by my leg, and thus to my mind providing much less resistance, I get no warnings at all - zero.

Is this expected behaviour, or am I missing something?

M3phan | 7 dicembre 2019

Steering wheel needs to sense rotational force, and your two hands are canceling each other out effectively. Try just placing one hand on the lower portion of the wheel.

M3phan | 7 dicembre 2019

Oh, I just saw that you said that towards the end of your post, I should’ve read a little more carefully. Yes you’re doing it correctly with the one hand on the bottom of the wheel.

billlake2000 | 7 dicembre 2019

I put my foot on the wheel, or sometimes just lay my head on the wheel. When my passenger also puts her head on the wheel, it is true, two heads do cancel each other out, disproving the commonly held belief that two heads are better than one. Compare and contrast to Woodstock, where there were many heads.

M3phan | 7 dicembre 2019


apodbdrs | 8 dicembre 2019

Try rotating the right scroll wheel a click up or down, it clears the alarm and is much easier.

SdpLV | 8 dicembre 2019

LOL @billake2000

anton.mans | 10 dicembre 2019

The icon shown next to the warning text is a bit misleading, then - it shows the "ten-to-two" hand position, which does not work.